Check out these fun details for the Tesla Model 3 (EG: You keep your key in your wallet)

  • Published on July 31st, 2017

Now that the first Tesla Model 3 has been released to the highways of America, and it has officially been shared with the world media, the floodgates of fun details have opened up.

By Kyle Field 

tesla model 3 keycardWith Keycard, you keep your key in your wallet

Rumors were running rampant that the Model 3 would use a keycard for entry instead of its iconic mini-Tesla key fob. That news has been confirmed, as longtime Tesla evangelist Bonnie Norman has confirmed via Twitter that Model 3 will indeed utilize a keycard.

On the plus side, keeping the card in one’s wallet cuts back on clutter on your keychain. Tesla’s key fobs are bulky.

On the other hand, that bulky fob brought extra functionality with it, uncluding locking/unlocking the vehicle, popping the trunk, and opening/closing the trunk.

Tesla has built those functions (and more) into the Tesla app, so owners retain all of that functionality, although it does feel a bit strange to many new owners to pull out a smartphone to manage their cars.

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Tesla Model 3 dashboardSteering Wheel Controls

The new design shifts away from single-purpose buttons to new multi-directional scroll knobs that were a bit of a mystery when they were first spotted.

Not tying these buttons to a single purpose allows Tesla to utilize them much like the scroll wheels in the Model S, which could be used to fine-tune the position of the sunroof, adjust the temperature, etc.

The wheels in Model 3 will be similarly flexible but also tie in to other functions, like precisely positioning the mirrors and adjusting the steering wheel position. Take a look at the video posted by “The Tesla Show” from the Model 3 test drive that reveals what they do and how they work. I have to say, I’m impressed. (More on the Tesla Model 3 after the video)

Tesla model 3 design studioTesla Model 3 Design Studio online

Tesla busted open the list of options for Model 3 on Friday when it handed over keys to the first 30 Model 3s.

Now it appears that Tesla has officially opened up the online design studio to the next wave of customers. The studio itself doesn’t give us any new information, but it presents the first look at what will keep reservation esla model 3 design studioholders hungry and chomping at the bit for their chance to configure, order, and receive their very own Model 3.

The screenshots come as Tesla has updated the Model 3 Delivery Estimator in My Tesla to reflect the prioritization of features at launch.

It appears that the first production run will be the Long Range Model 3 stocked with a few options. Buyers looking to get into a Tesla Model 3 as early as possible will have to part with at least $49,000 or wait a few more months for the base models to come off the production line.

(Originally appeared at our sister-site, Cleantechnica. Check out their new 93-page EV report). Images by @Teslarati and @bonnienorman.)

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