It’s high time the MSM presented BOTH sides of the Eclipse Debate! (Snark)

  • Published on August 5th, 2017

“Many people have only listened to one side of the eclipse debate—the pro-eclipse establishment. They will tell you, as if it’s a proven fact, that there will be an eclipse of the sun on August 21.”

fake eclipse
Clearly fake picture of an impossible eclipse view from the ISS

By Jeremy Bloom 

So begins the best piece of satire on the anti-science climate denial movement that I’ve ever read.

Writing at DailyKos, author BC in Illinois pokes a stick in the eye of every pundit who has ever called for a chance to hear “both sides of the debate on climate change” (as well as knuckle-draggers like embattled EPA administrator Scott Pruitt).

Background: Polluting Pruitt’s latest stupid idea: a TV debate on climate science

Is the so-called “Total eclipse of the sun” an elaborate hoax perpetrated by scientists to sell more cheap sunglasses and get them lucrative gigs appearing on TV?

war on science book by shawn otto
This is literally the bible of the war on science


The fact is, there actually isn’t a “consensus,” as some claim, that the moon will over-shadow the sun, and it is total arrogance to claim that this “eclipse of the sun” . . . . (as they’re calling it now — I can remember a time when they were talking about the eclipse of the MOON, the shadow of the earth supposedly blocking out the light of the moon — Why isn’t anyone talking about THAT anymore?)

. . . anyway it’s arrogance to claim that fallible scientists on earth can accurately tell you, with certainty, where the moon will be later in August. Scientists have been wrong before. We need more study. And who’s funding these so-called experts?

As you prepare for your eclipse viewing, wherever you may be (we’re heading for Grand Teton National Park), reflect on how awesome science can be.

And in the meantime, go read the whole thing at DailyKos.


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