Sea level rise will sink Trump-backing VA island. Sen. Kaine wants to prevent that.

  • Published on September 3rd, 2017

Jenna Portnoy at The Washington Post wrote an interesting piece about Tangier Island (Sinking into Chesepeake Bay due to sea level rise) and Sen. Tim Kaine, the Virginia Democrat. Despite the fact most islanders didn’t vote for Kaine when he ran for governor or senator, he’s determined to help them deal with their plight. Which means getting Congress to cough up some money to deal with the face that the island is vanishing into Chesapeake Bay.

By Meteor Blades Tangier Island sinking into Cheseapeake Bay due to Sea Level Rise

The island is about 12 miles from the Virginia and Maryland coasts in the Chesapeake. In fact, more and more of it is literally in the bay. Each year eight or so of the island’s remaining 832 acres dip beneath the waves. This gradual submersion has been going on more than a century and a half. But coastal erosion and rising sea levels from climate change have sped up the process, and for the 450 residents of the island the prognosis is … problematic.

(Originally appeared at DailyKos. Image by Chesapeake Bay Project)

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