Drain the Swamp: Dems say No Way to Sam Clovis, Trump’s anti-science appointee as top USDA scientist

  • Published on September 14th, 2017

In a letter to supporters, Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, announced her opposition to President Trump’s nominee to be the top scientist at the Department of Agriculture, Sam Clovis. She highlighted his lack of professional qualifications as well as his “absurd” statements on climate science, LGBTQ issues, and race.

Sam Clovis lying about climate changeBy RL Miller
Climate Hawks Vote

We have a right to expect that only the best, most qualified individuals will be nominated for leadership jobs in our government.

That’s not Sam Clovis.

I’m opposing President Trump’s nomination of Clovis for Chief Scientist in the Department of Agriculture.


First, Sam Clovis isn’t a scientist, a qualification required by law to be Chief Scientist in the Department of Agriculture. Clovis himself made this lack of qualification abundantly clear when he stated that he was “extremely skeptical” of proven climate change science.

climate hawks voteSecond, his absurd statements on LGBTQ issues, race and President Obama totally disqualify him from consideration.

As ranking member of the Agriculture Committee, I oppose his nomination and I call on President Trump to withdraw it immediately. If he does not, I will lead the opposition and promise to bring his troubling record to light.

I won’t shy away from asking the hard questions about his ability to carry out this critically important job for Michigan.

Sign on now and stand with me in telling President Trump to withdraw Sam Clovis’ nomination for Chief Scientist.


Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator

Climate Hawks Vote executive director Brad Johnson responds:

“We thank Sen. Stabenow for opposing Sam Clovis, a bush-league Rush Limbaugh clone with an ugly Sam Clovis Cartoon by Greg Kearneyhistory of racist, bigoted, and anti-science rants. Clovis is a radical threat to the services the Department of Agriculture provides for rural and urban Americans. As the climate crisis grows, we need the leadership of scientists, not racist conspiracy theorists. Michigan’s cherry crop deserves better than Sam Clovis.”

He adds, “The law requires that the USDA’s Chief Scientist be chosen from “distinguished scientists with specialized training or significant experience in agricultural research, education, and economics.” Clovis has no such experience.”

sam clovis cartoon by friends of the earthJohnson also notes that Clovis “has a long history of prejudicial and anti-science statements.”:

  • In a 2011 blog post, Clovis called progressives “race traitors.”
  • He believes climate change is “junk science.”
  • He said Trump’s border wall is a “matter of national security and national sovereignty.”
  • Clovis said the science was still out but “as far as we know” homosexuality is a choice.
  • Clovis helped devise Trump’s Muslim ban
  • He has claimed that Barack Obama was not born in Honolulu.
  • He called Eric Holder a “racist black,” and Tom Perez a “racist Latino.”
  • He claimed that President Obama “wants to enslave all who are not part of his regime.”

Over 36,000 Climate Hawks Vote members from across the nation have signed a petition calling for the U.S. Senate to stop the confirmation of Sam Clovis as the U.S. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education, and Economics.



About the Author

The chair of the Democratic Environmental Caucus, RL Miller also runs Climate Hawks Vote, which backs candidates for office who are serious about taking action on climate change. http://climatehawksvote.com/