Climate Change conspiracy site Infowars wants the FBI to check out John Kerry’s hurricane-busting Antarctic energy beam

  • Published on August 28th, 2018

Media Matters posted a clip from Infowars on Friday that is truly something special. The video’s host is Owen Shroyer, a climate change denier who was named in the defamation suit for his participation in Alex Jones’s Sandy Hook conspiracy theories – and starred in a viral video where a hero of a kid calls him “a fucking idiot” and flips him the bird. On Thursday’s show, Shroyer played a video showing an animated global map from the University of Wisconsin-Madison that visualizes the satellite data of how much water is in the atmosphere. Shroyer claims it shows an energy beam shot from Antarctica to split up Hurricane Lane, which was headed for Hawaii.

Infowars: John Kerry’s Antarctic Energy Beam Saved Hawaii from Hurricane Lane

By Climate Denier Roundup

The video is similar to the precipitation radar you see on TV, but showing all the water in the atmosphere and not just where it’s raining. Shroyer’s “energy beam” is pretty obviously just a coincidentally timed electronic glitch and/or artifact of the data, a recurring line of dots shooting across what is otherwise a chaotic visualization of swirling water content in the atmosphere.

The video Shroyer showed was uploaded in 2017 by SecureTeam, a channel describing itself as “your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news.” The second half of the video is about UFO sightings, and “a massive spherical object sitting” on the Moon. Sounds legit.

Shroyer then goes to the current version of U-Wisconsin’s global map showing water content in the atmosphere, and finds another “energy wave or beam or what have you” aimed in the general direction of Hawaii. Shroyer asks his guest for clarification, wondering “Am I crazy?” Yes. Yes he is. Apparently Shroyer failed to notice the big letters above the image that directs website visitors to an upgraded version, which fixed the “glitch in the incoming satellite data.”

Instead of actually answering that non-question, Shroyer’s guest, UC-Davis professor Dr. Darrell Hamamoto (someone with some… interesting New World Order ideas), instead talks about how he is reminded by the footage that “John ‘Skull and Bones’ Kerry, the former presidential candidate against George W. Bush, another Skull and Bonesman, didn’t he go — he made a quick trip to Antarctica not too long ago, did he not?”

Shroyer says that’s “100 percent accurate… John Kerry was in Antarctica two years ago or less.” Hmm, they wonder, was Kerry “checking out the hardware” of the energy beam?

And more importantly, according to Hamamoto, “Maybe this would be a good use of the FBI instead of trying to indict President Trump on these crazy charges. But maybe the FBI can be interview John Kerry and ask him what he was doing down there and what he found out.”

Yes. The FBI should definitely interview John Kerry about splitting hurricanes with energy beams shot from Antarctica.

Though wouldn’t saving an island from a hurricane be a good thing? Shouldn’t we be giving Kerry an award for saving Hawaii from these potentially devastating storms? Such a thought does not enter into the Infowars discussion. John Kerry himself, though, tweeted out the Media Matters story, admitting “the secret’s out – busted!

What’s this have to do with climate change? Well, after all that conspiracy fun, Shroyer launches into a climate denial spiel, lamenting how Democrats are telling him “you’re not allowed to drive a car,” whereas no one’s talking about these existing weather control devices.

Here we have someone on what is regrettably a relatively major platform on the right, using video from a UFO sighting page to make an argument that John Kerry is using an Antarctic weather control beam to split up hurricanes, before capping it all off with some climate change denial.

But remember, Anthony Watts says it’s nutty to associate climate denial with conspiracy theories!

(Originally appeared at DailyKos.)

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