Brietbart continues to chase pointless Tesla conspiracy theories

  • Published on February 18th, 2019

In a recent publication, Breitbart, that far-right mouthpiece, discussed a former Tesla executive being questioned over claims that Elon Musk lied to investors prior to the SolarCity acquisition. The cabal involves a former Tesla president of global sales and services, a gaggle of lawyers for pension and investment funds, a case that ranges back to 2016, and accusations that Tesla’s CEO used dastardly means to convince investors to back his $2.6 billion buyout of SolarCity. Ah, another Tesla conspiracy. Get in line.

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When an online newspaper uses terms like “reportedly,” “believe,” “will be questioned,” “alleges,” and “refused to comment” as the foundation for its reporting, is it actually news? Or is it innuendo disguised as information?

Essentially, Breitbart described how last year a judge determined that Tesla investors had enough evidence to raise a “reasonable inference that Musk exercised his influence as a controlling stockholder” in relation to the SolarCity buyout. Investors also convinced the judge that conflicts “diminished the board’s resistance to Musk’s influence.”

The claims stem from pension funds holders who opposed the Tesla/SolarCity deal and who now believe that Musk wrongly inflated the value of SolarCity. Breitbart argues that the two recently hired independent Tesla directors came on the scene “following claims that the company’s board was tied too closely to Musk.” They also point to Gigafactory 2 operations in Buffalo, New York, where the majority of the solar operations take place. The plant has been under scrutiny of late due to allegations of inactivity and low employment numbers.

Breitbart did acknowledge that 85% of Tesla stockholders backed the SolarCity buyout decision.

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