Want better EV infrastructure in your city? Here are 23 things you can do…

  • Published on March 18th, 2019

Below is one portion of our free report Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Guidelines for Cities. This report was produced by a working group of EV charging and electric vehicle leaders led by CleanTechnica and GreenWay. This portion of the report is simply a rundown of potential EV subsidies and incentives cities can use to stimulate and support electric vehicle adoption.

tesla model 3 charging at airport


Parking Incentives:

  • Free parking for EVs citywide, downtown, or in select sectors of the city
  • Free parking while charging
  • Parking for EVs allowed in otherwise restricted areas
  • Parking spaces reserved for EVs only
  • Reduced parking fees for EVs in public lots


  • EVs allowed when other vehicles banned (e.g., during smog alerts)
  • Permitted into Congestion Charge Zones/ Umweltzonen, Zero Emission Zones, etc.
  • Permission to use bus lanes, high occupancy vehicle lanes, and priority lanes


  • Tax rebate on installation of EV home chargers
  • Reduction in connection charges
  • Local grants/incentives to support installation of home or workplace charge point
  • Municipal support for installation of on-street charging points where off-street parking is limited
  • Municipal requirement that commercial properties and/or workplaces install EV charging stations in a certain percentage of parking places
  • Municipal requirement in building code that requires parking garage owners to install EV charging stations in a certain percentage of parking places
  • Municipal requirement in building code that requires parking garage owners to allow tenants to install EV charging stations if they want to
  • Municipal requirement in building code that requires parking garages to be “EV ready” by including proper wiring and power capacity within walls/floors/ceilings to eventually install EV charging stations
  • Time-of-use pricing for EV charging that offers lower rates at certain times (i.e., off-peak times at night)
  • Quick, streamlined EV charging station permitting

Direct Incentives for Vehicles:

  • Direct subsidies for EV purchase or lease from local municipality or utility
  • Exemption/reduction on local taxes for EV ownership, including road tax, registration tax, etc.
  • Exemption from local use fees and tolls for EV owners
  • Discount on electricity bill for ownership of EV
  • Discounts for EV owners at other public activities — events, concerts, museums, etc.

Information and Encouragement:

  • Informational website or webpage about electric vehicles
  • Citywide EV plan or strategy
  • Outreach and promotional events

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