​EcoRight veteran Alex Bozmoski to lead field-wide climate initiatives

  • Published on May 9th, 2020

Today, DEPLOY/US and republicEn.org jointly announced that Alex Bozmoski, Managing Director of republicEn.org, will transition to a new role as Vice President for Programs with DEPLOY/US.

Deploy US accelerating bipartisan climate change solutions

By EcoRight News/ RepublicEN

“We’re thrilled to have Alex join our senior leadership team,” said Andrea Yodsampa, CEO and founder of DEPLOY/US. “Alex is a highly respected leader in conservative and environmental circles. He’s a doer, an outstanding strategist, and a collaborative, creative center of gravity in the climate-action universe.”

“Alex is a force of nature,” said former Congressman Bob Inglis, executive director of republicEn.org. “If there’s anyone who can build the infrastructure and resources to scale the EcoRight–a term he coined–it’s Alex. We at republicEn.org are certain of his success as he takes on this important new role on behalf of us and all our compatriots.” Bozmoski co-founded republicEn.org with Inglis in 2012.

DEPLOY/US is a nonpartisan nonprofit working to amplify and accelerate right-of-center climate leadership as an essential foundation for bipartisan policy. DEPLOY/US supports a wide array of climate-forward nonprofits with under-represented environmental constituencies, including military, faith, business and right-of-center communities. Former Congressman Carlos Curbelo is Senior Advisor with DEPLOY/US.

republicEn.org is a free-market climate initiative based at George Mason University and focused on enfranchising conservative grassroots in principled climate action.

“republicEn is the vanguard of conservative climate leadership,” Yodsampa said. “We’re grateful for republicEn’s critical contributions to our shared mission for durable, bipartisan climate action.”

Bozmoski starts at DEPLOY/US on June 1st. He will continue to support republicEn.org part-time for a transitional period, and, in his role with DEPLOY/US, will continue indefinitely to advise and assist republicEn, as well as allied organizations.

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(Re-posted from RepublicEN, an organization committed to growing U.S. conservative climate leadership.)

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republicEn.org is an organization committed to growing U.S. conservative climate leadership. Members of republicEn are conservatives, libertarians, and pragmatists of diverse political opinion. We stand together because we believe in American free enterprise. We believe that with a true level playing field, free enterprise can deliver the innovation to solve climate change. But America's climate policy needs to change. Change requires that conservative leaders step-up and lead. Climate change is real and we believe it's our duty and our opportunity to reduce the risks. But to make a difference, we have to fight climate change with free enterprise instead of ineffective subsidies and regulations.

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