State level renewable energy success: Virginia

  • Published on May 11th, 2020

With Federal action on climate change blocked, states are racking up successes! In March Virginia joined the growing list of countries, states, and cities setting dates and plans for 100% renewable energy, and more.

Virginia Clean Economy Act: Putting Virginia on the Path to 100% Clean Energy

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Gov Northam signs clean energy bill in dramatic transition for Virginia amid dispute over customer costs — Utility Dive

Gov. Ralph Northam signed the Virginia Clean Economy Act on Monday, setting a goal for 100% clean energy by 2045.

It will happen long before then. What matters now is not the date proposed, but the removal of obstacles.

Dive Brief:

  • The Virginia Clean Economy Act, which enjoyed wide support from environmental and clean energy groups, cleared both chambers and was sent to the governor’s desk on Friday.
  • The package presents a Democratic-led path to ambitious climate goals, and many clean energy advocates are lauding the effort as an example for other states. However, analysis from the State Corporation Commission has the leading utility in the state, Dominion Energy, collecting approximately $50.8 billion more from its customers due to the provisions.

SCC is, of course, made up of holdovers from previous Republican administrations.

  • Advocates for the bill have criticized the state regulators’ estimate, saying the calculations don’t take into account the benefits of the energy efficiency, renewables, energy storage and other initiatives mandated through the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act requires the state’s biggest utilities to deliver electricity from 100 percent renewable sources by 2045, sets a timeline for closing old fossil-fuel plants and mandates gains in energy efficiency.

The bill text, with legislative analysis.

Under the mandatory RPS [Renewable Portfolio Standard] Program, Dominion Energy Virginia and American Electric Power are required to produce their electricity from 100 percent renewable sources by 2045 and 2050, respectively.Under the mandatory RPS Program, Dominion Energy Virginia and American Electric Power are required to produce their electricity from 100 percent renewable sources by 2045 and 2050, respectively.

The measure requires the State Air Pollution Control Board to adopt regulations to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from certain electricity generating units in the Commonwealth and authorizes the Board to establish, implement, and manage an auction program to sell allowances.

The measure also requires, by 2035, American Electric Power and Dominion Energy Virginia to construct or acquire 400 and 2,700 megawatts of energy storage capacity, respectively.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act will create the Commonwealth’s first Clean Energy Standard, putting Governor Ralph Northam’s pledge to transition our electric …
  • The VCEA will spur economic growth.
  • The VCEA will protect consumers.
  • The VCEA will provide cleaner air and fight climate change.

Virginia Clean Economy Act clears General Assembly, aided by beefed-up ratepayer protections

Mar 6, 2020 — The Virginia Clean Economy Act cleared its last hurdle in the General Assembly this week when both the House of Delegates and the Senate agreed to a final version that reflected the more aggressive House timeline.

Ten things to know about the Clean Economy Act

  1. The VCEA has been crafted to achieve an energy policy goal — weaning Virginia off carbon — not to fundamentally reshape the state’s energy system.
  2. The House and Senate have passed two different versions of the bill that must be reconciled, with the House taking a more aggressive tack on reductions. [Done]
  3. Both versions of the VCEA clear the way for a new burst of solar, wind and energy storage construction by Dominion and Appalachian Power…

and more

Virginia approves 100% clean energy legislation, pushing state toward 2.4 GW storage, RGGI

Feb 14, 2020 – The Virginia Clean Economy Act, narrowly passed by both chambers of the state legislature, sets one of the largest energy storage targets in the …

Commentary: Virginia Clean Economy Act models a just clean energy transition

Mar 9, 2020 – Legislation just passed by the General Assembly, the Virginia Clean Economy Act, represents our best chance this year to ensure reliable and …

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The Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA) would require 60% of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2036 and to determine the best way to get to 100% …

The Virginia Clean Economy Act – CCAN Action Fund

The Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA) will transform Virginia’s energy economy. The bill codifies a roadmap to a. 100% carbon-free electricity grid and ends …

Virginia Mandates 100% Clean Power by 2045 | Greentech Media

Mar 6, 2020 – The Clean Economy Act will drive utility Dominion to procure gigawatts of solar, offshore wind and energy storage.

Virginia EV

Working with states and cities nationwide.

Virginia to Join Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

The Virginia Senate and House of Delegates have passed legislation that would allow Virginia to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a cap-and-trade program under which Virginia energy generation plants will steadily reduce carbon emissions. Under SB 1027 and HB 981, fifty percent of the funds generated by participation in RGGI—estimated at $100 million annually—would be used for energy efficiency programs to help low-income families. Forty-five percent would go to the Virginia Community Flood Preparedness Fund to assist communities in addressing recurrent flooding. The remaining five percent would fund the costs of administering the program.

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