Renewable Roundup: More proof that we are winning comes every single day!

  • Published on May 26th, 2020

There are many free newsletters on various aspects of renewable energy and Global Warming issues more broadly. Among the most useful are PV Magazine and its editions for various countries and regions of the world. I subscribe to the global edition in English, German, French, and Chinese; the Spain, Mexico, and Latinoamerica editions in Spanish; and the one for Brazil in Portuguese.

100% renewable energy through electrification

By Mokurai

I mostly learned Buddhist Chinese in Traditional Characters, so my technical Chinese still needs work. I started learning Portuguese at Duolingo only a few months ago, but it is enough like Spanish so that I am able to dive right into Harry Potter. And Aquecimento Global.

I have often said that there is more Good News on Global Warming than I can tell you about, and here is an example—one day’s roundup from our friends in the PV Magazine community.

Free for all

It was a big week for the German solar industry, after the country’s coalition government reached an agreement on Monday to remove the 52 GW cap from the national renewable energy law. The Bundesnetzagentur separately said it received no wind project bids for last month’s national solar and wind power energy auction, which procured 203.7 MW of solar capacity across 30 projects. Production plans were also unveiled in the form of Solarwelt GmbH’s announcement it will open a 400 MW panel factory in the eastern German region of Thuringia. Production is set to begin in early 2021.

Staying in Europe, Spanish company Aurinka is planning to start wafer manufacturing in Castile-La Mancha, this year; while in Italy, the government has essentially made it possible for homeowners to install PV for free via new tax breaks.

And many more countries below. Germany! Croatia! Myanmar! Zimbabwe! China! Mexico! The whole EC! And a teaser for Israel!

Talking of free, the relatively low penetration of solar power generation in the global energy mix has prompted a U.S. technologist to predict the solar learning curve will lead to one-to-two-cent solar in “reasonably sunny” regions by 2030-35.

A draft of the European Commission’s reconstruction plan was made available on Friday, which includes a tender program for 15 GW of renewable energy projects over the next two years. The tender mechanism is expected to raise €25 billion of investments. Croatia also announced provisions to tender 1 GW of solar this year, while further afield, Myanmar (1 GW), Zimbabwe (500 MW) and Nigeria(10 MW) all unveiled tender plans.

China recorded impressive development with the news on Wednesday that it added almost 4 GW of solar in Q1, despite Covid-19. Other developments, like new dates for SNEC and a bidding process to procure 5.5 GW of PV modules and inverters for Datang Group’s own solar projects can be found in our new Chinese PV industry brief.

In Mexico, the National Energy Control Center has decided that 23 operators of large-scale renewable energy plants will be allowed to resume test operations, just weeks after the Mexican government halted grid connections for new solar and wind power projects.

Our Covid-19 weekly round-up from Wednesday saw US job losses raise concern, but France and China continuing to add new solar.

If that is not enough to sate your solar appetite, you can discover the solutions that are in place for Israel to become a clean energy leader in our weekend read.


Don’t worry about Fair Use. These are free publications, and I am sure that they will be delighted if some of you go and sign up for any of them. All of the above was from one page that they e-mailed to me.

BTW I have started a free Covid-19 contact tracing course online from Purdue University in Indiana. There are other such training programs, and a substantial number of job postings online. I’ll have lots more to tell you about all of that soon.

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