Under cover of Coronavirus, Trump admin tries to ram through more mining on Navajo lands

  • Published on June 6th, 2020

While Navajo tribal leaders were focused on the coronavirus pandemic, Feds held virtual hearings on a proposal to permit new extractive operations near Native ancestral lands: The plan, if enacted, would allow fracking and mineral leasing around the Chaco Culture National Historical Park, land that the Pueblo Indians consider their homeland.

Under cover of Coronavirus, Trump admin tries to ram through more mining on Navajo lands Photo CC by John Fowler on Flickr
Chaco Culture National Historical Park – looks like a good spot for a uranium mine, no?

By Meteor Blades

Navajo leaders and some New Mexico lawmakers want to create a 10-mile buffer zone around the park.

Acoma Pueblo Gov. Brian D. Vallo said, “The federal government has moved forward with the process even while tribes have made it clear we don’t have the resources in place, and that’s the people resources. Because of our tribal offices closures, and full concentration of COVID-19, this is not the best time to be directly engaged.”

Tell the Trump admin NO mining on Navajo lands! Public comments will be taken until September 28 at: federalregister.gov/…/notice-of-availability-of-the-farming…

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