California Department of Water Resources publishes Scoping Summary Report for Delta Tunnel project

  • Published on July 14th, 2020

Were you curious about seeing the public comments made during the public scoping period for the controversial Delta Tunnel to divert water from the Sacramento River before it flows through the Delta? If you made a comment, did you want to check to see if your comment was included? Well, here’s your chance.

Califirnia delta tunnel water plan

By Dan Bacher

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has published a Scoping Summary Report for the proposed Delta Conveyance Project.

“This scoping report is a summary of the public scoping period that concluded in April. It includes all public comments received. The information collected during scoping will help inform the ongoing environmental analysis,” said DWR in an announcement.

The scoping report includes:

    • project overview
    • the purpose of scoping
    • a description of scoping activities, meetings, and notifications
    • a summary of public comments received
    • copies of all public comments received, including public scoping meeting transcripts

“The purpose of scoping is for DWR to gather feedback from the public and agencies on what to consider when preparing the proposed Delta Conveyance Project Environmental Impact Report. Specifically, DWR was seeking input on the range of project alternatives and potential environmental impacts to study further,” DWR stated.

‘DWR will continue environmental review and analysis of the proposed Delta Conveyance Project, which is intended to maintain reliability of the state’s water system in the decades to come. For more information about the status of the environmental planning work, click here,” DWR concluded.

Of course, most opponents of the Tunnel believe that the public scoping period is just for appearance’s sake as the engineering design and planning for the giant public works project goes forward. Most opponents believe that DWR and the DCA (Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority) have already made their key decisions regarding what is potentially the most environmentally destructive public works project in California history.

Access the full report by clicking here, opening up the ‘EIR Scoping’, and scrolling down.

About the Author

Dan Bacher is an environmental journalist in Sacramento who focuses on California's water issues, a healthy environment for the salmon fishery of the Northwest, and the attempts by big agriculture and big oil to hog all the water.