Renewable Roundup: In case you’re worried about Trump trying to steal election 2020

  • Published on August 14th, 2020

Worrywarts, no worries. Handwringers, unwring your hands. Naysayers, say us no Nays. Uncle Mokurai is here to talk you off the cliff. Yes, the ganefs are going to try to steal the election. But we are on it, for an astoundingly large value of We, The People.

By Mokurai

Not long ago, I wrote a comment in response to a Doom and Gloom Diary, featuring the Transition Integrity Project.

A bipartisan group secretly gathered to game out a contested Trump-Biden election. It wasn’t pretty

Using a role-playing game that is a fixture of military and national security planning, the group envisioned a dark 11 weeks between Election Day and Inauguration Day, one in which Trump and his Republican allies used every apparatus of government — the Postal Service, state lawmakers, the Justice Department, federal agents, and the military — to hold onto power, and Democrats took to the courts and the streets to try to stop it.

They played using the so-called Chatham House Rules — in which participants can discuss what was said, but not who was there; some participants were willing to be named. They included Republicans Trey Grayson, the former Kentucky secretary of state, and conservative commentator Bill Kristol, as well as Democrats Leah Daughtry, who was CEO of the 2008 and 2016 Democratic National Convention Committees, former White House ethics czar Norm Eisen, and progressive Democratic strategist Adam Jentleson. Retired Army Colonel Larry Wilkerson, a Republican and former chief of staff to Colin Powell, participated in the games as an observer.

They prepared a report to provide to some people in politics. The Boston Globe got to see part of it.

I wrote

They probably can’t rig the election, but they can claim that it was rigged, and try to foment violence.

The ByeDon campaign has hired more than 600 election lawyers to be ready to file suit against anything and everything that the Maladministration or any of the states can come up with.

Biden Campaign Deploys 600 Lawyers So Trump Can’t ‘Steal This Election’

Protest demonstrations are on hair-trigger alert.

Facepalms at the ready.

Mount Rushmore Facepalm

Threats, Real and Imagined


  • Uses emergency powers to cancel the election—There are no such powers. We had elections at the height of the Civil War, although of course the Rebel states opted out. The Union went to a lot of trouble to allow soldiers to vote, even pausing the military campaign in Georgia.
  • Calls in the military to “oversee” voting—No, they’re not, and he can’t make them.
  • Tries to mess up the Electoral College with two slates from states with Democratic majorities but Republican Governors or Legislatures to deny Joe an EC majority. That would, they hope, throw the election into the House, where the vote is by states, and Rs reckon that they could get a 26-24 victory. Until we flip two more state delegations. Also, the new Congress would get to decide which slates were valid. Anyway, never mind that. Run up the score.
  • Challenges election results in swing states in court.—Would Roberts follow the 2000 precedent, which the Court at that time claimed was not a precedent? But first they have to prevail in lower courts, which have a pretty good record of laughing utterly bogus Trumpish legal arguments out of court. States have plenary power under the Constitution to decide how to choose Electors. In any case, this depends on the election being close enough to screw up.
  • Claims massive voter fraud in vote by mail—There has never been any, as the public well knows, and neither the courts nor Congress will buy it. There has been voter fraud fraud, of course. Rs like Chris Kobach get caught at it all the time.
  • Refuses to vacate the White House—At the moment when Joe takes the Oath of Office, the Secret Service works for him. He won’t have to tell them to put Thing0’s stuff out on the lawn, and call a moving van to take it to his hotel up the street.
  • Launches a Second Civil War after being turfed out—Yes, yes, the South Will Rise Again, Second Amendment Remedies, Commie Nazi Tyranny!!!! Do you remember the actual Second Civil War? The last time these cowards came out in force? Nor do I.

The Russians

  • Convince young voters to go for Kanye West—LOLOLOL West is by no means Jill Stein, and neither Joe nor Kamala can be painted as Corrupt “But her e-mails” Hillary.
  • Dig up real dirt on Joe—Nope. The dirt is that Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley, and Devin Nunes are the Three Stooges taking Russian propaganda by way of a Ukrainian politician.
  • Hack voting machines—No, not really. They hacked into a few registration databases last time, but there is no evidence that they changed anything. In real life, we have thousands of voting systems in thousands of counties, and there is no effective point of attack. Also, the machines are not on the Internet.

The Post Office

Mail your ballot ASAP.

Or don’t mail it at all. Take it to a drop box, if possible.

And if it comes to it, crawl over broken glass.

mabon wrote

The 34-state figure is according to the Sierra Club. This excerpt is from an email they sent out this morning:

This July, Trump’s new postmaster general — a major donor with no postal experience — ordered mail carriers to slow down delivery and avoid overtime by leaving mail behind at distribution facilities near the end of their shift. In just a few weeks, this move has created “days-long backlogs of mail across the country.”3
34 states require that any mailed ballot be received (not just postmarked) by Election Day in order to be counted.4

Any delay in mail delivery is a disaster-in-waiting as the election approaches — we urgently need your senators to fully fund and defend the Postal Service!

4. “VOPP: Table 11: Receipt and Postmark Deadlines for Absentee Ballots,” National Conference of State Legislatures, July 31, 2020.

And that email came BEFORE Postmaster LeKilljoy’s latest gambit last night. [Firing all of USPS top management.]

I added their link for footnote 4.  That link also has the state-by-state deadline info, in a more succinct format.

Finally, I refer you to this diary from Kossack ConcernedCitizen68 regarding another alternative to mailing: Ballot Drop-Boxes.


So. That’s all of the prospective shenanigans I have heard about. They make me laugh.

Anybody got any more?

Epic Fail: Homer Simpson with corn flakes on fire


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