Election 2020: 81 Nobel laureates endorse Joe Biden

  • Published on September 4th, 2020

81 American Nobel Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine have signed this letter to express their support for former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 election for President of the United States.

nobel prizeAt no time in our nation’s history has there been a greater need for our leaders to appreciate the value of science in formulating public policy. During his long record of public service, Joe Biden has consistently demonstrated his willingness to listen to experts, his understanding of the value of international collaboration in research, and his respect for the contribution that immigrants make to the intellectual life of our country.

As American citizens and as scientists, we wholeheartedly endorse Joe Biden for President.

Peter Agre (Chemistry 2003)
Sidney Altman (Chemistry 1989)
Frances H. Arnold (Chemistry 2018)
Paul Berg (Chemistry 1980)
Thomas R. Cech (Chemistry 1989)
Martin Chalfie (Chemistry 2008)
Elias James Corey (Chemistry 1990)
Joachim Frank (Chemistry 2017)
Walter Gilbert (Chemistry 1980)
John B. Goodenough (Chemistry 2019)
Alan Heeger (Chemistry 2000)
Dudley R. Herschbach (Chemistry 1986)
Roald Hoffmann (Chemistry 1981)
Brian K. Kobilka (Chemistry 2012)
Roger D. Kornberg (Chemistry 2006)
Robert J. Lefkowitz (Chemistry 2012)
Roderick MacKinnon (Chemistry 2003)
Paul L. Modrich (Chemistry 2015)
William E. Moerner (Chemistry 2014)
Mario J. Molina (Chemistry 1995)
Richard R. Schrock (Chemistry 2005)
K. Barry Sharpless (Chemistry 2001)
Sir James Fraser Stoddart (Chemistry 2016)
M. Stanley Whittingham (Chemistry 2019)
James P. Allison (Medicine 2018)
Richard Axel (Medicine 2004)
David Baltimore (Medicine 1975)
J. Michael Bishop (Medicine 1989)
Elizabeth H. Blackburn (Medicine 2009)
Michael S. Brown (Medicine 1985)
Linda B. Buck (Medicine 2004)
Mario R. Capecchi (Medicine 2007)
Edmond H. Fischer (Medicine 1992)
Joseph L. Goldstein (Medicine 1985)
Carol W. Greider (Medicine 2009)
Jeffrey Connor Hall (Medicine 2017)
Leland H. Hartwell (Medicine 2001)
H. Robert Horvitz (Medicine 2002)
Louis J. Ignarro (Medicine 1998)
William G. Kaelin Jr. (Medicine 2019)
Eric R. Kandel (Medicine 2000)
Craig C. Mello (Medicine 2006)
John O’Keefe (Medicine 2014)
Michael Rosbash (Medicine 2017)
James E. Rothman (Medicine 2013)
Randy W. Schekman (Medicine 2013)
Gregg L. Semenza (Medicine 2019)
Hamilton O. Smith (Medicine 1978)
Thomas C. Sudhof (Medicine 2013)
Jack W. Szostak (Medicine 2009)
Susumu Tonegawa (Medicine 1987)
Harold E. Varmus (Medicine 1989)
Eric F. Wieschaus (Medicine 1995)
Torsten N. Wiesel (Medicine 1981)
Michael W. Young (Medicine 2017)
Barry Clark Barish (Physics 2017)
Steven Chu (Physics 1997)
Jerome I. Friedman (Physics 1990)
Sheldon Glashow (Physics 1979)
David J. Gross (Physics 2004)
John L. Hall (Physics 2005)
Wolfgang Ketterle (Physics 2001)
J. Michael Kosterlitz (Physics 2016)
Herbert Kroemer (Physics 2000)
Robert B. Laughlin (Physics 1998)
Anthony J. Leggett (Physics 2003)
John C. Mather (Physics 2006)
Shuji Nakamura (Physics 2014)
Douglas D. Osheroff (Physics 1996)
James Peebles (Physics 2019)
Arno Penzias (Physics 1978)
Saul Perlmutter (Physics 2011)
H. David Politzer (Physics 2004)
Brian P. Schmidt (Physics 2011)
Joseph H. Taylor Jr. (Physics 1993)
Kip Stephen Thorne (Physics 2017)
Daniel C. Tsui (Physics 1998)
Rainer Weiss (Physics 2017)
Frank Wilczek (Physics 2004)
Robert Woodrow Wilson (Physics 1978)
David J. Wineland (Physics 2012)

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