Election 2022: Meet Harriet Hageman, the fire-breathing Trumpist who looks to unseat Liz Cheney today

  • Published on August 16th, 2022

[UPDATE Aug 16: The Wyoming primary election is today, so we’re reposting this piece from earlier in the year] Right-wing land-use attorney Harriet Hageman is keen to export “clean coal” from Wyoming and export Rep. Liz Cheney back to the private sector in the state’s Republican primary. Of the four candidates opposing Cheney, Hageman, who placed third in her 2018 primary bid to run for governor, is the strongest.

Liz Cheney
Thanks to Donald Trump’s takeover of the GOP, Liz Cheney has gone from firebrand activist to reasonable centrist (Credit: CC by Donkeyhotey on Flickr)

By Meteor Blades

A December poll by a Republican consulting group showed Cheney with just 18.6% of the vote, putting her in second place behind Hageman with 38.6%. [Update: An Aug 11 survey showed Cheney slipping even further behind, with just 28% to Hageman’s 57%]

Cheney’s popularity plummeted among the state’s strongly GOP electorate after she voted with 10 other House Republicans to impeach Donald Trump. The former occupant of the White House has endorsed Hageman, who in 2016 had called him ““racist and xenophobic,” but now says that “he was the greatest president of my lifetime.” Only five Democrats have served as Wyoming’s lone congressional representative since it became a state in 1890. The last was Teno Roncalio, who left office in 1978.

One of Hageman’s chief complaints is that Cheney is no longer on the House Natural Resources Committee, where the Congresswoman served in her first two terms. Leaving the committee, Hageman says, indicates bad priorities on Cheney’s part when she should be promoting the state’s oil, gas, and coal industry on the committee. Myron Ebell, the prominent climate science denier chosen to lead Trump’s

Meet Harriet Hageman, the fire-breathing Trumpist running against Liz Cheney
Harriet Hageman (Wyoming Public Media)

Environmental Protection Agency, said Hageman would follow in the footsteps of “really strong people” on the committee like GOP Reps. Tom McClintock of California, Matt Rosendale of Montana, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, and Paul Gosar of Arizona, who Democrats last year stripped of his committee assignments.

In her 2018 campaign for governor, Hageman labeled one opponent as “anti-coal” and “obsessed with so-called green energy.” In a 2020 column in the on-line Cowboy State Daily, she wrote in what is practically a parody of Republican views, “While we have been offshoring our industries and jobs, our own neighboring states have blocked Wyoming from accessing foreign markets to sell clean coal and actually improving air quality for millions of people around the world.”

President Biden’s goal of preserving 30% of the nation’s land by 2030 is anathema to Hageman, who said in an interview on the “Working Ranch Radio Show,”

 “The federal government under Joe Biden and radical Democrats are intent on taking over and federalizing our private property rights under the auspices or claim of combating climate change. This is a U.N.-driven, unlawful land grab that would be devastating to the economy in this country and dramatically alter the very nature of private property rights and who and what the United States is.”

Cue the black helicopters.

(Originally appeared at DailyKos.)

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