Author: Alan Smith

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West Virginia Mountain Top Removal Coal Protests Heating Up

Coal River Vally, WV, has become home to a civil disobedience campaign against Massy Energy company in an attempt to halt their destructive mountaintop renewal coal mining practices.

Kay Sexton, with her regular run down of environmental protests, has been examining the “imperatives and complexities” of protests that are unique to the environmentalist movement. Here’s another data point to add into the discussion.

May 3rd

Global Warming Skepticism: Not Just for Wingnuts Anymore?

If you missed this profile of the physicist Freeman Dyson in the New York Times, check it out now. Dyson, I would say, is the most highly respected scientist to publicly come out against Global Warming.

His point? There really isn’t a lot of proof of Global Warming beyond a series of simulations and models. If you don’t buy there prognosticating power, your left considering the fact that we don’t know, for sure, the exact ratio between temperature and human interaction.

March 30th

News Flash: Yes, Coal Still Causes Global Warming [video]

The Clean Coal discussion is not as simple as anyone (on either side of the propaganda machine) wants to make it out to be. To quote Bruce Niles from the Sierra Club: “Clean Coal means different things to different people.” If clean coal is what the coal industry wants, it’s already here. Environmental scientists agree that Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) has some potential to make coal cleaner. But that nuance is lost in this discussion.

March 5th