Author: Mary Anne Hitt

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Beyond Coal: “Resiliency” is just another ploy to bail out coal billionaires

For years the coal industry has been claiming, without evidence, that the large-scale retirement of coal plants would leave us freezing in the dark, putting the electricity grid at risk. Coal executives and coal-based utilities have repeatedly used this “resiliency” argument to push energy officials to bail out uneconomic coal plants, despite the reality that the […]

January 10th

In the face of climate change, cities and states continue to lead on clean energy

As we continue to see a complete lack of action on climate change from the Trump administration, we’re inspired to demonstrate, yet again, that states and cities are leading the way. This is happening across the spectrum, including in so-called red states: people are experiencing first-hand the devastating effects of climate change and are rising […]

April 9th

Trump’s budget proposal is a nightmare for climate change, clean energy, children and everyone else

The Trump administration’s recently released budget proposal for fiscal 2020 is a nightmare for everyone who needs clean air, clean water, and a healthy climate. The budget includes deep cuts to virtually every program in government that protects people from environmental threats, including an outrageous 31 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency as well […]

March 28th

2018 Year In Review: US moving beyond coal as we head toward 100% Renewable Energy

Amidst the recent drumbeat of increasingly dire climate news, there’s another important story to restore your hope – the US keeps moving beyond coal. In fact, US coal consumption is at the lowest level in four decades, coal plant closings doubled in Trump’s second year in office, and 2018 is on track to be a record year for coal […]

December 27th

Guess whose health is hurt the most by Trump’s pollution rollbacks? Trump voters.

As a critical election season swings into full gear, a new report reveals some fascinating disconnects between how people vote and the safety of the air they breathe. Using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data, Dr. Vivian Thomson, a retired University of Virginia professor, and her study team analyzed the difference in health impacts from coal power plant […]

October 30th