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Coronavirus + Climate Change: How Trump went from “It’s a hoax” to ‘I’m a wartime president” in 3 weeks.

There’s been no lack of media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, and of course that includes plenty of discussion on the parallels between COVID-19 and climate change. But one of the most informative and interesting pieces on the connection is one that said the least. By Climate Denier Roundup Vox’s Alissa Wilkinson interviewed media theorist and philosopher […]

Climate-denying Heartland Institute continues to flounder

It’s been a month since the Heartland Institute “reorganized” by firing a bunch of people and then replacing its president with longtime climate denier James Taylor, and an early picture of his leadership may be emerging. With spring in the air, let’s see what new growth may be in the works! By Climate Denier Roundup The first change is […]

Whether it’s coronavirus or climate change, deniers think YOU should be cool with dying for their profits

Last week we warned the climate denial (and dehumanization) playbook is being adapted as a tool to oppose coronavirus mitigation efforts. Despite strong public approval of public health experts, March 2020 coming in as the 423rd consecutive warmer-than-average month, and mainstream outlets recognizing the importance of heeding scientists’ warnings, the cries from those who want to sacrifice the lives of the vulnerable for […]

Climate change deniers try to hijack the next IPCC climate report from the inside

While many deniers are spending this coronavirus lockdown time arguing that we should throw away our umbrella during this rainstorm because we’re not getting wet, at least some are trying to focus on climate science. For example, at WUWT, Dave Burton has a post asking readers to register with the IPCC to be an expert reviewer for the forthcoming 6th Assessment […]

War on Science, Coronavirus edition: The same cast of climate change deniers turn their guns on public health experts

Whether it’s the fiscal pressure evidenced by the layoffs at API and Heartland, or the ideological assault of a government actually doing something in the face of a crisis, deniers seem to be moving from a somewhat passive skepticism of coronavirus measures to actively advocating against them, and they’re using a familiar strategy. By Climate Denier Roundup We’ve […]

Trump’s “Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Rule” isn’t safer, or affordable, or efficient. It’s deadly.

Back on Valentine’s day, we pointed you to stories from The Atlantic and the New York Times detailing the “turducken of falsehoods” required to justify the Trump administration’s proposal to roll back Obama-era standards for automotive fuel efficiency. All those errors, like reversing how supply and demand work, came after plenty of reporting showed that even with the faulty math, […]

Federalist Society offers up world’s dumbest arguments against climate change lawsuits

Earlier this month, the Federalist Society (the conservative, Koch and industry-funded legal group that’s using Trump to reshape the judiciary) held a virtual event on the “consequences of municipal litigation.” While the event apparently covered lawsuits like those concerning the opioid epidemic or data privacy breaches, the climate lawsuits are what the fossil fuel industry PR group Energy in Depth’s […]

In Australia, one climate change denier comes back to science (because coronavirus)

Over the past two months, Australian blogger Jo Nova has kept her audience abreast of the pandemic, as her climate conspiracy theory posts have dried up in favor of regular coverage of coronavirus. And unlike others who have downplayed the severity of the threat or offered false hopes for easy fixes, Nova has repeatedly called for quick and drastic […]