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President Trump’s Coronavirus lies have killed a man. There will be a lot more.

Over the past few weeks, the sorts of fringe blogs and conservative “media” that often publish climate denial have been singing the praises of the anti-malarial drug chloroquine, claiming it’s a cure for the Coronavirus. WUWT, the Daily Wire, and the Daily Signal have all covered chloroquine’s promise, as has James Delingpole several times at Breitbart. By Climate Denier Roundup […]

Climate Change Denial: Heartless Heartland is now also headless

As we discussed last week, the Heartland Institute is apparently all but broke, and recently fired about half its staff. On Saturday, the organization announced that its president has resigned, and the board has appointed James Taylor as its new president. By Climate Denier Roundup We wish James, whose brother Jerry has said that denier myths are propagated “with full […]

Pollution is down, so does that mean coronavirus is good for the planet? Sorry, NO.

As the coronavirus sickens and kills thousands, and forces millions more into unemployment, everyone is talking about it. But many should consider, well, not doing that. There are a lot of takes out there, and way too many of them are bad. By Climate Denier Roundup In addition to the public-health-professional bashing and plastic-promotion that we discussed last week, the right […]

War on science – the man at the center of coronavirus denial AND climate change denial

What does the EPA’s proposal to censor science used in decision-making (published in the Federal Register last week), COVID-19 myths and misinformation, and climate change denial all have in common? (Besides the fact that their underlying conspiracy theories can all be tackled the same way?) Answer: Steve Milloy. By Climate Denier Roundup As regular readers know, Milloy […]

How might fossil fuel cos survive? Making plastic stuff to fight coronavirus

Earlier this month, Tim Dickinson at Rolling Stone and Rebecca Leber of Mother Jones published two revealing looks at an ever-present but often overlooked problem: plastics. Leber provided an excellent overview of how the fossil fuel industry sees plastics as a lifeline in a world of constrained carbon emissions, while Dickinson dove deep into plastic pollution, politics, and propaganda. […]

Peak Oil: Use the coronavirus pandemic to nationalize it, then shut it down to save the world!

With the Trump administration supportive of direct cash payments to impacted Americans and apparently poised to push through some trillion dollars in emergency stimulus with the support of Republicans who spent years railing against just such a bailout from the Obama administration, it’s safe to say we are living through some interesting times where anything could be possible. By Climate Denier […]

Nazis at Heartland? But that’s NOT why they fired half the staff

Recently, the Heartland Institute fired nearly half its staff, according to reporting by Alex Kauffman of HuffPost. According to Kauffman, the organization’s (former) events coordinator Nikki Comerford said that “Heartland is broke” because president “Frank Lasee spent all of our money in six months including the savings.” By Climate Denier Roundup Heartland responded to the report […]

War on Science: Climate deniers like to think they’re battling Hitler, or maybe Stalin

A month ago, Roger Pielke Jr. published a wild-eyed and tin-foiled Forbes post describing SkepticalScience’s list of Climate Misinformers as a “blacklist.” The Forbes post triggered a flood of follow-on posts spinning up the conspiracy theory that alarmists with lists are keeping deniers from getting hired (as opposed to the fact that universities tend not to want to hire people who have repeatedly and knowingly said things […]

Hawaii sues big oil for climate cleanup costs

Honolulu Files Suit Against Big Oil As Industry Bizarrely Argues The Case is Already Lost Mar 11, 2020 10:55am Eastern Daylight Time by ClimateDenierRoundup, Community 213 On Monday, the city of Honolulu, Hawaii filed a lawsuit against eight major oil companies: Aloha Petroleum, BHP Group, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Marathon Oil, and Shell. This lawsuit, like others, alleges that Big […]

Oregon GOP walks out to prevent vote on climate bill – backed up by white supremacists

As our recent post on anti-Greta Naomi Seibt’s anti-Semitism and anti-feminism demonstrated, the forces of climate denial are making common cause with the patriarchy and white supremacy as part of the larger cultural battle to preserve white male dominance. The case of Oregon’s GOP fleeing the legislature over the past weeks provides a perfect example. At Vox, […]

We can’t do climate action alone (is no excuse for inaction)

All the way back in 2014, we pointed to research showing that denial is driven by a rejection of climate solutions. Last year, we repeatedly warned about how while some on the right, particularly the young, are pushing for real climate solutions, and the industry is pretending to have solutions, the GOP remains committed to fossil fuels, peddling fake solutions and […]

Sunblock Applied: Zharkova’s 2019 study claiming sun’s wobble causing warming finally retracted

Russian scientist Valentina Zharkova is one of the few remaining deniers who still tries, and occasionally succeeds in getting published in real peer-reviewed journals. Her general schtick is that one way or another, it’s the Sun causing warming, and that it will soon trigger cooling. Last summer, Zharkova published a study blaming little wobbles in […]