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Evangelicals encouraged as EPA defends creation from methane

The Evangelical Environmental Network and its body of 200,000+ pro-life Christians who support a strong fugitive methane standard are grateful to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their announcement to begin the process to develop a proposed rule to reduce methane and other harmful pollutants from new and existing sources in the oil and natural […]

Evangelicals applaud Rep Fitzpatrick’s leadership on the Market Choice Act

The Market Choice Act is a great start in offering a conservative market-based approach to solving the climate crisis and correcting the major market failure of our energy industry. The Evangelical Environmental Network and its over 4 million pro-life Christian supporters have long recommended a carbon fee approach to address the climate crisis. By Evangelical […]

Evangelicals urge Pennsylvania to defend life by joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Last week, Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection released its CO2 Budget Trading Program Draft Final-Form Rulemaking. By the Evangelical Environment Network We join the comments of over 30,500 Pennsylvania pro-life Christians who voiced support for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) saying: “As a pro-life Christian, I am deeply concerned that pollution harms unborn and […]

Evangelicals applaud the bipartisan Senate CRA vote that blocked Trump’s terrible methane rules

Following the bipartisan Senate vote on the Congressional Review Act, Rev. Mitchell C. Hescox, President and CEO of the Evangelical Network, released the following statement: “We are thankful for co-sponsors Senators Collins (R-ME), Heinrich (D-NM), King (I-ME), Markey (D-MA), and my own Senator Casey (D-PA) plus the great additional backing from Senators Graham (R-SC) and […]

Why does the Pennsylvania Legislature continue attempting to bury the reality of climate change?

“Change is coming, whether we seek it or not.” Those words from the United Mine Workers’ Document, Preserving Coal Country tells the reality of the energy future in the United States. While not agreeing with everything in the UMW’s paper, such items like a Federal Tax Break (45Q) for carbon capture and keeping communities together is […]

The Growing Climate Solutions Act empowers America’s farmers

The Evangelical Environment Network, our Board of Directors, and our millions of supporters–many of whom are farmers–support The Growing Climate Solutions Act. We applaud the leadership of Senator Mike Braun (R-IN), Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) for the bill’s introduction and the overwhelming bipartisan support of 31 […]

Biden’s climate pledge will improve quality of life for all

The American People face the dual-threat of pollution and climate change. Indeed, the people of the earth are simultaneously ruining God’s wondrous creation and threatening human life. As the American Lung Association State of the Air 2021 reports, 41.1%–more than 135 million Americans–live in counties with unhealthy air quality. People of color being three times […]

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is a win-win for American families

As evangelical Christians, we are called to be good stewards of God’s creation and ensure all children and families have a healthy environment to grow and thrive in. Climate change and carbon pollution, however, already threaten the health and safety of Americans across the country – particularly our children, both born and unborn, whose developing […]

Pro-life Evangelicals encourage Congress in revoking Trump’s methane rules

Evangelical Environmental Network is pleased that Congress introduced the Congressional Review Act resolution last week. As pro-life evangelicals, we have a special concern for the unborn. Before they take their first breath, we must ensure that all children have a healthy start, unhindered by the ravages of pollution. Central to delivering on this promise is […]

Evangelicals applaud Pennsylvania’s ground-breaking solar energy agreement

The Evangelical Environmental Network applauds Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf and his administration for announcing the new Pennsylvania PULSE Program, a power purchase agreement for 191 MW of solar-generated electricity. This new agreement for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will reduce pollution, decrease 157,000 metric tons of carbon pollution, lower electric costs by $30 million for the state […]

Evangelicals support Janet McCabe to serve as Deputy Administrator of the EPA

Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) is thankful for the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee’s vote to advance the nomination of Janet McCabe to serve as Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on a bipartisan vote. A special thank you to Senator Wicker (R, MS) for his support of McCabe’s nomination. By Evangelical […]

Evangelicals support the EPA in their effort to restore and reprioritize science

This week, the US Environmental Protection Agency reinstated its climate policy website, which supplies credible information about the climate crisis. This information was removed from the EPA website by the previous administration. By Rev. Mitch Hescox Evangelical Environmental Network The EPA has begun to reestablish its mission of protecting human health and the environment today […]

Want to get training in faith-based climate action? Sign up for the Evangelicals Environmental Network Parner Program

Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) has opened applications for their Partners Program. EEN is looking for Christ followers who are ready to take their activism to the next level through community building, civic engagement, and faithful advocacy. By Evangelical Environmental Network The program seeks to educate participants on the scriptural basis for environmental care, as well […]