Author: Dan Bacher

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Delta Tunnel’s science-denying premise: diverting more water out of Sacramento will ‘restore’ fish

Here is the transcription of my 3 minute comment on the Delta Tunnel Draft Environmental Impact Statement that I made in the virtual hearing held by the California Department of Water Resources. By Dan Bacher I’m an independent journalist that’s covered the fish, environmental justice and water issues for 40 years. Different versions of this […]

September 28th

Setbacks: CA finally banned oil drilling right next to homes and schools. Big Oil is already scheming to overturn that

It didn’t take long for the oil industry to challenge Governor Gavin Newsom’s signing into law SB 1137, the bill that mandates 3200 foot health and safety setbacks between new and reworked oil wells and homes, schools, hospitals, day care centers and other facilities. By Dan Bacher Just 3 days after a bill signing ceremony on Friday, September […]

September 24th

CA Reps introduce bill in Congress to block the water-stealing Delta Tunnel

Yesterday, Representative Josh Harder (D CA-10) introduced a bill in Congress to prohibit the Army Corps of Engineers from issuing a federal permit necessary for the State of California to build the Delta Conveyance Project, AKA the Delta Tunnel. His bill, the Stop the Delta Tunnels Act, is co-sponsored by Representative John Garamendi (D CA-3). By Dan Bacher Rep. […]

September 21st

CA Governor Newsom signs health and safety setbacks, carbon capture and other climate bills

With multiple oil refineries of the East Bay’s “Refinery Corridor” looming in the distance, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that will require 3,200-foot setbacks between oil and gas drilling and homes, schools and other sensitive receptors in California. By Dan Bacher The Governor signed the legislation, SB 1137, as part of a package […]

September 20th

San Francisco Bay marine life devastated by deadly algae bloom

An unprecedented, massive harmful algal bloom (HAB) stretching throughout San Francisco Bay appears to be in decline, but the State Water Resources Control Board, San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board and California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) are warning that depleted oxygen levels could lead to “large-scale aquatic deaths” in the days ahead. By Dan […]

September 6th

It’s happening: FERC finalizing process to remove PacifiCorp’s lower four Klamath River dams

Washington, DC – In an action celebrated by Klamath Basin Tribes, conservationists and fishing groups, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) today released a final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) recommending the removal of the lower four Klamath River Dams. By Dan Bacher Dam removal on the Klamath will open up over 240 stream-miles of salmon and steelhead habitat that has been […]

September 3rd

Finally! CA makes drilling setbacks THE LAW so big oil can’t drill right next to schools and houses

Despite the millions of dollars Big Oil spends on lobbying the California Legislature and contributing to legislators every year, the Senate tonight by a vote of of 25 to 10 approved a bill, SB 1137, to create 3200 foot setbacks around new and reworked oil and gas wells after it had already passed the Assembly on Tuesday. By Dan Bacher Senator […]

September 1st

CA State Water Board takes action against Shasta River Water Assoc. for illegal diversions

On Aug. 24, 2022, the State Water Resources Control Board issued the following statement regarding an enforcement action regarding illegal diversions by the Shasta Water Users Association. By Dan Bacher As California heads into a fourth year of drought, the State Water Resources Control Board has continued to protect water supplies and the environment by […]

August 26th

After 80 years, CA’s Winnemem Wintu and partners return winter-run Chinook salmon to Mccloud River

For eight decades, winter-run Chinook salmon were absent from the Winnemem Waywaket, or McCloud River, since Shasta Dam was completed in the 1940s. The dam inundated the cultural sites of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe and prevented the salmon from reaching their headwaters to spawn as they’ve done since time immemorial. By Dan Bacher But on […]

August 7th

How bad could it be? CA releases environmental impact report for the water-stealing Delta Tunnel project

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) today released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the embattled Delta Tunne, beginning the 90 day public comment period from July 27-October 27 for what environmental advocates describe as an “environmentally destructive project.” By Dan Bacher According to project opponents, different versions of this same gigantic and wasteful public works project — the Peripheral […]

July 30th