Author: Dan Bacher

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Can California Get Smart on Water Use?

Do Californians have an inherent right to waste water? Not according to a report by Delta Watermaster Craig Wilson, to be presented today to the State Water Resources Control Board. The highly-anticipated proposal suggests that a particularly contentious area of California water law, the California Constitution’s “Reasonable and Beneficial Use Doctrine,” be applied more broadly. […]

January 19th

Why Is A Big Oil Lobbyist In Charge Of California’s Marine Protection Program?

Catherine Reheis-Boyd, the president of the Western States Petroleum Association, claimed the oil industry is “doing their share to promote renewable energy” in an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee on Sunday January 9.) “Villainizing the petroleum industry does nothing to promote sound energy policy,” she contended. “Oil companies in the United States are the single […]

January 13th