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Energy and the Election, Part 2: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

By Wesley Warren, Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund Congress is considering clean energy legislation that would increase our security by cutting dependence on oil, reduce pollution that contributes to global warming, and create millions of new jobs. Yet this legislation, passed by the House and supported by President Obama, is stalled in the Senate. […]

October 21st

Energy and the Election, Part 1: The Name Game

By Wesley Warren, the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund A new energy proposal by the American Enterprise Institute, the Brookings Institution, and the Breakthrough Institute has declared “Cap-and-Trade” dead. They may well be right about the use of this term as a policy label, but does this also mean the demise of clean energy policies […]

October 20th

A call for direct action in the climate movement: we need your ideas

BY Bill McKibben, Philip Radford, Rebecca Tarbotton (Cross-posted from Grist) Dear Friends, God, what a summer. Federal scientists have concluded that we’ve just come through the warmest six months, the warmest year, and the warmest decade in human history. Nineteen nations have set new all-time temperature records; the mercury in Pakistan reached 129 degrees, the […]

September 7th

Why Van Jones should be Obama’s Secretary of Prosperity

In his new book to be released next week, Van Jones lays out a sensible roadmap to solve our long term economic problems. How? By making sustainability the centerpiece of a national renewal. And, if we justify spending hundreds of billions on an economic solution no one completely understands, why can’t we make it an even greater priority to create a sustainable economy that will last us the next thousand years?

October 1st