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Sunday Train – Death of Peak Oil? Not so fast.

by BruceMcF From Earth Insight by Nafeez Ahmed, hosted by the Guardian, Former BP geologist: peak oil is here and it will ‘break economies’: Dr. Richard G. Miller, who worked for BP from 1985 before retiring in 2008, said that official data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), US Energy Information Administration (EIA), International Monetary Fund (IMF), […]

January 12th

James Howard Kunstler – The end of pretend

By James Howard Kunstler If being wealthy was the same as pretending to be wealthy then people who care about reality would have a little less to complain about. But pretending is a poor way for a society to negotiate its way through history. It makes for accumulating distortions which eventually undermine the society’s ability […]

December 30th

David Brin – From space shots to black holes (science updates)

By David Brin First, a useful announcement: The Next National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is scheduled for October 26, 2013.  One or more of your local pharmacies will likely accept your old pharmaceuticals free, no questions.  It disposes of them safely and keeps them out of landfills or sewers where they apparently are having ever-worsening effects on water […]

October 21st

James Howard Kunstler – The Cracker Party and the Snapback

By James Howard Kunstler Well,  at least the poobahs cleared a path to the annual orgy of Christmas, which, along with the S & P 500, have become proxies for the American economy. Lately, the Christmas season starts directly after Halloween, so, the whole fourth quarter of the year becomes a circus of ceremonial distractions. […]

October 21st

David Brin – Our biohacker future (more science roundup!)

By David Brin Science journalist Lee Billings is releasing his long-awaited tome entitled Five Billion Years of Solitude: The Search for Life Among the Stars, (a nod to the Gabriel García Márquez masterpiece One Hundred Years of Solitude, while referring to the apparent absence of extraterrestrial life – at least, so far.) Lee’s book confronts the puzzle over […]

October 19th

Is the (artificially crafted) shutdown crisis really over?

By David Brin As we track events in Washington, so far, it seems that my prediction — which few others shared and that many called “blue sky” — appears to be unfolding almost precisely as it was laid out here… and here… and here.  Details develop though, so let me elaborate.  After Senators Reid and McConnell finish their current […]

October 16th

David Brin – GOP war on science, shutdown edition

By David Brin The Shut-down goes on. What’s the GOP’s real aim? They see a winning hand, here. So far, every time an important constituency – or one that is symbolically powerful, like military death benefits – has howled loudly enough, the House has scurried to pass a special bill and demand quickie Senate action to […]

October 14th

David Brin – Shutdown or showdown? What’s really going on?

By David Brin Hello, did I call this or what? Is the GOP dropping Obamacare in shutdown debate? That’s the notion Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the House Budget Committee chairman, and the party’s vice presidential nominee last year, argued in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Here’s How We can End the worst part of […]

October 10th