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Paranoid Pruitt withholding docs on polluting coal plants. What’s he hiding?

A coalition of environmental and public health advocates filed suit today to compel the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop withholding critical information about the Trump administration’s swift attempt to roll back safeguards against America’s leading source of toxic water pollution: coal power plants. By Earthjustice Coal plants all over the country dump toxic chemicals into […]

September 28th

Climate change action will be top priority for German Green Party joining Angela Merkel’s government

Germany’s Green Party will consider climate change the most important subject during talks to form a coalition government with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) Party. By James Ayre  As the CDU/CSU only managed to capture around 32.9% of votes in this year’s election (down from 41.5% in the last federal election), it will […]

September 28th

WaterFix Chaos, Colonized Delta, and California Democracy

In water agencies all over California right now, fevered phone calls between general managers and directors and attorneys and engineers are likely happening because of Westlands Water District’s vote to reject California Delta Tunnels/ WaterFix on September 19th. By Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla and Tim Stroshane Restore the Delta Will the Delta Tunnels project have to get […]

September 27th

Trump tariffs could strangle the solar boom

Tumbling prices for solar energy have helped stoke demand among U.S. homeowners, businesses and utilities for electricity powered by the sun. But that could soon change. President Donald Trump – whose proposed 2018 budget would slash support for alternative energy – will soon get a new opportunity to undermine the solar power market by imposing duties that could […]

September 25th

Autonomous vehicles: Baidu released groundbreaking software platform

Baidu, the China-based tech giant, has released the newest iteration of its widely used open-source autonomous driving platform Apollo — which has been dubbed Apollo 1.5, appropriately enough By James Ayre Accompanying the announcement of this new release, the company revealed that it was creating a 10 billion RMB (~$1.5 billion) “Apollo Fund” — which will […]

September 24th

Katherine Hayhoe: I was a an Exxon-funded climate scientist

ExxonMobil’s deliberate attempts to sow doubt on the reality and urgency of climate change and their donations to front groups to disseminate false information about climate change have been public knowledge for a long time, now. Investigative reports in 2015 revealed that Exxon had its own scientists doing its own climate modeling as far back as the 1970s: science and modeling that […]

September 23rd

UK has plans for mini nuclear reactors. Or do they?

It was reported last week in The Telegraph that ministers in the UK were “ready” to approve the rapid development and testing of a fleet of “mini nuclear reactors” — to be used as baseload capacity and meant to make up for older soon-to-be-decommissioned nuclear facilities. By James Ayre Is there any truth to this assertion? What about the […]

September 23rd

Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus hears how climate change devastates Western states’ economies

At a meeting to discuss the impact of climate change on tourism, Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo, co-chair of the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus, weighed in on Hurricane Irma, which decimated the Florida Keys that he represents. By Flannery Winchester Citizens Climate Lobby “There were hurricanes before human-induced climate change—we should not blame every hurricane on climate change. […]

September 20th

Drain the swamp: Trump and Pruitt want to fill the EPA with oil and coal lobbyists

Every week, another decision that endangers our families seems to come out of Scott Pruitt’s and Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The latest facepalm/outrage comes in the form of confirmation hearings that start this week for four completely unacceptable nominees to critical leadership positions at EPA. By Mary Anne Hitt Sierra Club Beyond Coal campaign […]

September 20th

Climate Week NYC: EV100 launches global business group to fast-track electric vehicles

A new business campaign designed to fast-track the uptake of electric vehicles (EV) and infrastructure has been launched by The Climate Group at a unique event in New York today, as business and government leaders gather at Climate Week NYC. Baidu, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Heathrow Airport, HP Inc., IKEA Group, LeasePlan, METRO AG, PG&E, Unilever, Vattenfall are the […]

September 19th

Car dealers continue to try to screw Tesla (and Tesla customers)

The California New Car Dealers Association has expanded its complaint against Tesla over the modern electric car pioneer’s use of customer referral programs. The California New Car Dealers Association has sent yet another letter to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles explaining how cruel and unfair Tesla’s approach is. By James Ayre The new complaint specifically […]

September 18th