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David Brin talks to Geekwire about the world of tomorrow

By David Brin Journalist-author and entrepreneur Frank Catalano took advantage of my book tour for Existence, in order to pin me down with questions about everything from sci fi to human destiny, in this interview that first appeared on Geekwire. Frank Catalano (FC): What is right with Science Fiction Today? David Brin (DB):  Science Fiction has so flooded into […]

July 24th

This summer’s horrific drought: The shocking new normal for the American West

By William deBuys (This is an excerpt from William deBuys‘ new book, A Great Aridness: Climate Change and the Future of the American Southwest.) Dire fire conditions, like the inferno of heat, turbulence, and fuel that recently turned 346 homes in Colorado Springs to ash, are now common in the West. A lethal combination of drought, insect plagues, windstorms, and […]

July 24th

Sane conservatives want to end climate denial and do something about dirty energy

George Mason University announced today the formation of the Energy and Enterprise Initiative (E&EI), a nationwide public engagement campaign led by former Congressman Bob Inglis that will explore and promote conservative solutions to America’s energy and climate challenges. E&EI will operate from Mason’s Center for Climate Change Communication (4C). The initiative, according to its mission, will […]

July 10th

Does the government care if you’re reading David Brin?

By David Brin Your e-reader is reading you, tracking and collecting data on your bookish habits. When and where did you put the book down? Or take notes?  Or reread a passage? Publishers now have access to detailed information about exactly how people use a book. Did most readers finish?  Which sections did readers favorite or ‘highlight’? The […]