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David Brin: The conservatives screaming about shrinking government? They’re actually getting the biggest government handouts.

By David Brin A deep irony, underlying our political season, is that the U.S. middle class…the biggest victims of the first decade of this century, are also being slandered relentlessly. The ongoing campaign of propaganda that democracy can’t work and we should turn to oligarchy has many threads. May I take you on a tour of […]

March 25th

Some Republicans support conservation (but GOP Congress is sitting on their legislation)

Republicans for Environmental Protection today called on Speaker John Boehner to take up dozens of Republican-sponsored conservation and preservation measures that are pending in the GOP-led House. In its letter to the Speaker, the organization pointed to three dozen Republican-sponsored measures that await House consideration. The measures would designate scenic wilderness areas, protect free-flowing rivers, […]

March 22nd

Senate passes good transportation bill, House doubles down on disaster

By Deron Lovaas The Senate passed MAP-21 last week by a whopping 74-22 margin. This week several Congressmen introduced it as a House bill, and it has so far almost one-quarter of that chamber has jumped on a co-sponsors of the bill. President Obama and Transportation Secretary LaHood are calling for the House to pass the bill, signaling that the […]

March 22nd

David Brin on the rise and fall of civilization (and selling out our children)

By David Brin  Go read one of the most important books in the past twenty years, Robert Wright’s Nonzero. Our entire Enlightenment Experiment has been about positive sum games. Open-competitive Economic Markets, Science, Democracy… these are all examples of systems set up to harness competition and produce positive sum results for all.Alas, there are forces in […]

March 22nd

David Brin: What can we do about the GOP war on science?

By David Brin . Increasingly, scientific consensus is failing to influence public policy. Facts, statistics and data appear insufficient to change highly politicized minds… and science has started scrutinizing why.Alas now, this topic inevitably devolves down to our screwy American politics. And while (as I avow repeatedly) every political wing has its anti-science flakes, growing mountains of evidence […]

March 12th

James Howard Kunstler: Making my garden grow (in the face of the meltdown)

By James Howard Kunstler . Unless your mobile home was blown all over the county on opening day of the tornado season, this must seem like an interlude of reassuring normality in the world’s convulsive wendings. The IED known as Greece has not quite yet exploded, loud as all the graveyard whistling that emanates from Europe […]

March 12th

California springs forward on ocean protection

By Kaitilin Gaffney Pacific Program Director, Ocean Conservancy This Sunday, we set our clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time. After a mild winter, spring is definitely already in the air in California, with fruit trees in bloom and cold March winds blowing. The coming time and season changes remind me how quickly time flies, especially […]

March 9th

Keystone XL: It’s ALREADY taking longer to clean up tar sands spills than they said

By Rocky Kistner . Natural Resources Defense Council As TransCanada announced it would begin building the southern leg of its Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas—setting the stage for a new Congressional battle over the transnational pipeline—Michigan residents are worried about a massive tar sands oil spill that persists in their backyards. That’s because thousands […]

March 2nd