Author: Heidi Suydam

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Ike Closing Refineries + Gas Stations Rationing = PANIC

As Ike closes in, drilling platforms in the gulf have been evacuated, refineries closed and now the Port of Houston is closed. MSNBC reports: Exxon Mobil, Valero Energy, ConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil are among the companies halting operations as the storm closed in. Refineries on the upper Texas coast account for one-fifth of U.S. refining […]

September 12th

Gas Prices, Gustav and the Future of Offshore Drilling

An August 29th article on Science Daily explains how hurricane’s Katrina and Rita can give us insight into some offshore drilling issues should Gustav cause damage in the Gulf of Mexico. The findings of Dr. Satish Nagarajaiah, Rice University professor, studied the damage to offshore drilling platforms following the 2005 hurricanes Katrina and Rita. As […]

August 30th

Dollar Value, Oil Prices, and Energy Issues

This is a critical time for those who are passionate about America’s increased interest in energy issues. While potential relief at the gas pump is favorable, it is concerning to note how quickly interest in conserving energy can wane. We must continue to keep energy issues on the forefront of the pending election as well as in front of all of our elected officials in the days and months to come.

August 20th

“Creating a Sustainable Future is not Political”

I met Mr. Chen at a bar-b-que in Tennessee last weekend. Admittedly I learned of his interest in sustainability by eavesdropping on his conversation, hearing phrases such as “reclaiming rainwater” and “solar power”. You may be thinking “so what” there are plenty of architects who are applying sustainable techniques to their work. What makes Tien-si Chen different is that he is a Christian Conservative.

August 8th

Ethanol, Texas, and a Waiver Request

Texas has reportedly applied for a waiver of the current ethanol standards. The Energy Policy Act provides an option for a waiver only if the environment or economy would be severely harmed because of the Renewable Fuel Standards.

July 25th

Environmental Laws, Border Fence, and Presidential Candidates

As we continue to discuss energy independence, debate drilling for domestic oil, explore alternative energy sources and ask our prospective leaders what their economic plans may be…should we also pay attention to a fence that is being rapidly built at the cost of disrupting a peaceful people, harming ecosystems and the alarming reality that a governmental department has been given the authority to run with no checks and balances?

July 13th

Americans Want to Drill

According to a recent CNN Opinion Poll, 74% of Americans are in favor of offshore drilling. While still split 49% to 44% on prioritizing the environment and the economy. In The Swamp, a Chicago Tribune Weblog, Matthew Hay Brown reports this survey is the latest one showing rising support for drilling, from consumers who are tired of rising gas prices.

The CNN/Opinion Research poll was conducted from June 26th – 29th and included more than 1,000 Americans.

July 4th

National Security Linked to Climate Change in U.S. Report

An assessment by the National Intelligence Council with input from all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies identifies climate change as a significant security threat.

Identifying a direct link between climate change and national security, the report suggests that whilst the US is capable of handling the impacts of climate change within it’s own borders, the international issues caused by humanitarian disasters and political unrest will pose a significant threat to US national security.

June 29th