Author: Jake Johnson

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Climate-fueled Hurricane Ian tears a path of devastation through Florida

Hurricane Ian left massive destruction in its wake as it ripped through Florida on Wednesday, flooding buildings, uprooting trees, and sending cars and houses floating downstream as those in the storm’s path sought safety from the powerful wind and torrential rain. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Human-caused climate change is affecting hurricanes in many ways including […]

September 29th

Forever Chemicals: PFAS officially labeled as hazardous by Biden EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency moved Friday to designate two commonly used “forever chemicals” as hazardous under federal law, a long-awaited step that green groups welcomed as important while also warning it is inadequate to address the scale of toxic pollution caused by the increasingly ubiquitous substances. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The EPA said in a press […]

August 27th

The Inflation Reduction Act has a methane fee to cut emissions (but it’s full of loopholes – thanks, Manchin!)

The newly enacted Inflation Reduction Act contains the world’s first-ever fee on methane, a powerful greenhouse gas believed to be responsible for roughly 30% of global temperature rise since the Industrial Revolution. But analysts and climate advocates fear that the fee, which is aimed at incentivizing U.S. fossil fuel companies to stop deliberately spewing the gas into the atmosphere, […]

August 24th

Progressives vow to vote down Manchin’s oily pipeline side deal to the Inflation Reduction Act

Progressive members of Congress are increasingly speaking out against a side agreement that Democratic leaders reached with Sen. Joe Manchin in order to secure final passage of the $740 billion climate, tax, and healthcare measure, the Inflation Reduction Act. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The side deal focuses primarily on permitting changes that would help fast-track fossil […]

August 22nd

Biden’s oil leasing pause blocked AGAIN by same Trump-appointed judge

A Trump-appointed federal judge in Louisiana issued a permanent injunction Thursday against President Joe Biden’s moratorium on oil and gas lease sales on public lands and waters, a decision that came just 24 hours after a different court ruled that the administration’s long-blocked drilling freeze could take effect. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Judge Terry Doughty of the U.S. District […]

August 20th

This week’s Global Ocean Treaty negotiations could be last chance to restore marine life

As the fifth and final round of talks for an international treaty to protect the high seas began at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on Monday, conservationists across the globe warned world leaders that this may be the “last chance” for a necessarily ambitious agreement. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The ocean has absorbed over 90% of […]

August 16th

Court rejects another of Trump’s terrible coal regulations

Environmentalists celebrated last week after a federal court rejected a pair of U.S. Bureau of Land Management coal mining plans that were drawn up during the Trump presidency and defended in legal proceedings by the Biden administration. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “This ruling is a shameful confirmation that the Biden administration has no real interest […]

August 9th

Sinema is on board with the Inflation Reduction Act! Climate bill could pass this week

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema announced late Thursday that she has agreed to back Democrats’ new reconciliation bill, but only after securing changes to a proposed levy on major corporations and forcing the removal of a provision targeting a notorious tax loophole exploited by rich investors. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams In a statement, Sinema (D-Ariz.) said that she and the […]

August 5th

What does Sinema want? Reading the tea leaves about tax provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act

As Senate Democrats work to finalize their new reconciliation package, corporate-friendly Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is reportedly demanding the removal of language taking aim at a notorious tax loophole that primarily benefits rich private equity investors and billionaire hedge fund managers. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Politico reported Wednesday that the Arizona Democrat—a major recipient of private equity campaign cash—”wants to […]

August 4th

Koch Network begs Sinema to tank Inflation Reduction Act

The Koch network, headed by billionaire oil and gas tycoon Charles Koch, is mobilizing its vast resources in an effort to convince holdout Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to tank the Democratic Party’s new reconciliation package ahead of a possible vote this week. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Since the deal was announced last week, Sinema (D-Ariz.)—a frequent […]

August 2nd

How’d they get Manchin on board? Climate bill is spiked with handouts and sweeteners for big oil and big coal

The U.S. oil and gas industry is openly lauding elements of a reconciliation package that includes historic renewable energy investments, a response likely to heighten climate advocates’ wariness of the bill, dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, as Democrats look to push it through the Senate as soon as next week. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams […]

July 30th

What’s in Manchin’s climate/inflation bill? Some poison pills, but mostly good things

More than 700 pages of legislative text negotiated principally by Sen. Joe Manchin—one of the fossil fuel industry’s closest allies in Congress—are bound to contain provisions that are appalling to climate advocates and communities on the frontlines of the planetary emergency. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams That is certainly the case with the newly revealed Inflation […]

July 28th