Author: Jake Johnson

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Climate chaos drives record heat across the US

More than 120 million Americans from coast to coast were under heat advisories this weekend as large swaths of the United States faced scorching—and in some cases record-shattering—temperatures, extreme conditions that are likely to keep getting worse as long as fossil fuel production and use continues apace. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The National Weather Service (NWS) warned Sunday […]

July 8th

Judge says landmark climate lawsuit vs Exxon, Suncor can proceed in Colorado

Advocates celebrated Monday after a Boulder, Colorado judge rejected attempts by ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy subsidiaries to dismiss a landmark lawsuit that seeks damages for the harms the fossil fuel companies have inflicted on the climate and local communities. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The lawsuit, brought in 2018 by the city and county of Boulder, argues that mounting climate […]

June 26th

Free the Hostages – Big Oil has captured COP28

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore says fossil fuel interests have effectively seized the reins of the United Nations climate summit process, preventing the kind of ambitious action that scientists say is necessary to prevent catastrophic warming and all of its cascading impacts. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “This industry is way more effective at […]

December 5th

Thanks to a huge surge in clean energy, we still have a shot at avoiding the worst of climate disaster

The International Energy Agency said Tuesday that the rapid acceleration of clean energy growth worldwide has kept the Paris climate accord’s critical 1.5°C warming target alive for now—but warned the continued burning of fossil fuels poses a dire threat to efforts to stave off the worst of the planetary crisis. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams In a […]

September 26th

What’s driving inflation? Shell oil posts obscene $10 billion profit in just 3 months

The British oil behemoth Shell reported a record $9.6 billion in first-quarter profits and announced $4 billion in stock buybacks, prompting fury from environmentalists and progressive lawmakers who say the fossil fuel industry’s profiteering is grotesque amid a worsening climate emergency and cost-of-living crises across Europe. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Shell CEO Wael Sawan—who recently declared that […]

May 5th

After the IPCC climate report: WHY did Biden approve the climate bomb Willow arctic drilling project?

Further emboldened by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s fresh call for rapid emission cuts, campaigners are planning to rally outside the U.S. Interior Department on Tuesday morning to protest the Biden administration’s approval of a massive oil drilling project that—if completed—would spew millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. By Jake Johnson […]

March 21st

Green groups take Biden admin to court to block approval of arctic oil drilling Willow project

Environmental groups filed two separate lawsuits on Tuesday and Wednesday to fight the Biden administration’s decision to approve a massive fossil fuel drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope, a step that opened the door to hundreds of millions of tons of additional planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The first lawsuit, filed by […]

March 16th

Imagine if the rail industry had spent $654 million on SAFETY instead of LOBBYING

A new analysis by the campaign finance watchdog OpenSecrets found that the rail industry has spent $653.5 million on federal lobbying over the past two decades as it has worked—often successfully—to fight off stricter safety regulations and antitrust enforcement. While Norfolk Southern’s history of lobbying against safety rules has faced greater scrutiny and backlash in the wake of the […]

March 3rd