Author: Dr. James Hansen

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Dr. James Hansen: The monarch butterflies return

Last summer the population of monarch butterflies in the Northeast United States seemed to be greater than it had been in the past decade. This was consistent with the fact that the number of butterflies making it to Mexico for the 2018-19 winter was the highest since 2006-07 (see graph). Unfortunately, only half as many […]

April 29th

Dr James Hansen: Bending the curves on coronavirus and climate change

Coronavirus experience has educated the public about scientific concepts that are relevant to climate change.  ‘Delayed response’ – days and weeks for Coronavirus, decades and centuries for climate change –  makes both problems difficult and dangerous.  Delayed response, in a system that has amplifying feedbacks, can lead to exponential response that is difficult to control. […]

April 16th

James Hanson: Climate Models vs. Real World

Climate models are most useful when used so as to help us understand climate mechanisms in the real world, and thus improve our ability to understand ongoing and future climate change. Comparison of climate model predictions against real world outcome provides one way to gain improved understanding. By Dr. James Hansen There is recent discussion […]

February 14th

James Hansen: Climate change, the gathering storm

“Young people today confront an imminent gathering storm. They have at their command considerable determination, a dog-eared copy of our beleaguered Constitution, and rigorously developed science. The Court must decide if that is enough.” That is the final paragraph of my (thick) Expert Report written more than a year ago for the climate change lawsuit Juliana […]

December 27th

James Hansen: The pace of global warming is accelerating (and that’s even more bad news)

Climate models indicate that at least a weak El Nino will begin this (Northern Hemisphere) winter; observations show that warming in the tropical Pacific has begun. This implies that the current La Nina minimum global temperature has bottomed out and the 12-month running mean global temperature will begin to rise during the next few months. Global temperature minima […]

October 16th

James Hansen: A monarch butterfly resurgence?

In Quest of a Broken-Wing Butterfly I speculated in 2014 that the Monarch population may have fallen below a critical level.  We did not see more than a single Monarch on any day on our property.  The number of butterflies reaching the mountainous area in Mexico where they hibernate had fallen in the winter of 2013-14 to a […]

September 4th