Author: Jeremy Bloom

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Bernie Sanders will meet with President Obama on Thursday

By Jeremy Bloom With the Democratic nomination process winding down, the big question is “What will Bernie Sanders do?” We’ll probably have to wait till Thursday to find out, since the White House has announced that Sanders will be meeting with President Obama on Thursday. At his request. “The President thanked Senator Sanders for energizing […]

June 7th

Will Typhoon Trump help the Democrats retake the House?

By Jeremy Bloom When Typhoons blow, they make big waves. Just last year, it looked like only a miracle would help the Democrats retake the House of Representatives. But that miracle may be here, in the form of Donald Trump. As Kerry Eleveld writes at DailyKos, “Donald Trump has proven political strategists and pundits wrong on nearly every prediction […]

March 21st

SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland’s green environmental record

By Jeremy Bloom This morning, President Barack Obama (yes, he’s still President for almost a year) nominated Merrick Garland as the replacement for the late Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court. Republicans are, of course, continuing their obstruction, insisting there won’t even be a hearing. And some progressives aren’t thrilled either, calling Garland too much […]

March 16th

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders showdown in Ohio, N. Carolina, Florida, Illinois, and Missouri primary results

By Jeremy Bloom + Alex Samuels HILLARY WINS – Florida, North Carolina, Ohio SANDERS – leading in Missouri, close in Illinois  On the Democratic side of today’s primaries, there are two distinct possibilities: Hillary Clinton could sweep all five major races (Ohio, Florida, Illinois, N Carolina and Missouri). Or it could be a mixed decision, […]

March 15th