Author: Jeremy Bloom

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GOP Miami debate liveblog – little Marco Rubio’s last stand

By Jeremy Bloom with contributions by Alex Samuels The final four candidates –  Little Marco Rubio, Big Donald Trump, Lyin’ Ted Cruz and Grampa John Kasich – are gathered tonight for what will likely be the last time in the GOP Miami Debate. And we’re liveblogging the battle! Watch the livestream here as you follow along […]

March 10th

Watch tonight’s Univision debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (full video and transcript)

By Jeremy Bloom Surging with the energy of his surprise victory in last night’s Michigan Primary, Bernie Sanders once more engages with Hillary Clinton in tonight’s debate. It was a tough but (mostly) fair exchange, mostly hitting upon differences (and common ground) on policy, ranging from energy to immigration to climate change to Wall Street. […]

March 9th

Sanders wins Michigan Primary in historic upset (liveblog)

By Jeremy Bloom Bernie Sanders has won the Michigan Primary in a stunning upset. Down in the polls just days ago, his narrow win appears to be driven by huge turnout and his best-ever showing among African-American voters – he took almost a third, according to exit polls, compared to his usual 10-20%. A strong turnout by young […]

March 8th

GOP Detroit Debate – All of these guys are awful on the environment

By Jeremy Bloom The four remaining candidates – Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich – spent much of tonight’s GOP Detroit Debate insulting each other, as well as the intelligence of the American people. But the biggest butt of their insults was Mother Nature. (See our full coverage here.) You’ve heard it […]

March 3rd

Watch the Motown Showdown GOP debate (full video!)

By Jeremy Bloom  And then there were four… with Carson gone, tonight’s GOP debate will be down to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich. Watch the full video, and check out our commentary down below… and feel free to chime in with your own comments! What do you think of these guys? Anybody seem […]

March 3rd