Author: Jeremy Bloom

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Autism linked to PCBs (thank you, Monsanto)

By Jeremy Bloom We’re still a long way from finding out what causes autism, but a new study seems to have identified one piece of the puzzle: Exposure to a class of chemicals called PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls). The researchers were able to examine records of women who had had blood drawn during pregnancy to assess […]

August 23rd

Shit Trump supporters say – Daily Show video

By Jeremy Bloom What kind of people do we want in America? Only great American people! Fortunately, Donald Trump has a solution: “We should only admit into this country people who share our values and respect our people. I call it Extreme Vetting. I call it EXTREME. EXTREME vetting.” Yes, he really talks like that. It’s […]

August 19th

Watch Bernie Sanders live: “Where we go from here”

By Jeremy Bloom There was some speculation that Bernie Sanders was about to endorse Hillary Clinton for President. As we listen to his address to supporters at a town hall meeting in New York City, it’s pretty clear that’s not happening. So far, this has been a standard speech. He’s continuing to fire up his movement – […]

June 23rd

Bernie Sanders will meet with President Obama on Thursday

By Jeremy Bloom With the Democratic nomination process winding down, the big question is “What will Bernie Sanders do?” We’ll probably have to wait till Thursday to find out, since the White House has announced that Sanders will be meeting with President Obama on Thursday. At his request. “The President thanked Senator Sanders for energizing […]

June 7th