Author: Jeremy Bloom

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Overfishing – We’re On the Brink

Once, we thought the oceans were an inexhaustible resource. It turns out we were wrong. But we should have seen the signs. Lots of good fish in the sea In early years, Europe’s coasts teamed with dolphins, orcas, blue whales and tuna, and its rivers ran with fish. By the 1500s, though, the continent was fished-out. […]

January 9th

Climate Change and Science – Cutting Through the Talking Points to the Truth

Global warming – it’s either the biggest threat to humanity since the end of the last ice age, or the biggest hoax ever perpetrated.

In part, it depends on who you are willing to believe: the international community of climate scientists who may all secretly be socialists out to destroy the capitalist system… or a bunch of totally objective oil company employees who would never put their profit ahead of the good of humanity.

Okay, that may not be the most dispassionate and objective way to lay out the facts. Let’s try doing this like scientists: put all the data on the table, and let you, the reader, decide.

January 5th

Drill, Nancy, Drill?

You may well be wondering – why the heck is Nancy Pelosi pushing through a bill that allows for offshore drilling? Isn’t that against everything we’re supposed to stand for? Is this another example of business-as-usual betraying core Democratic principles?

September 17th