Author: Jessica Corbett

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Scientific American will only use the term Climate Emergency going forward. (So will we)

After over 175 years of publishing, Scientific American made a major editorial announcement on Monday: the historic U.S. magazine will officially adopt the term “climate emergency” for its coverage of the human-caused crisis. (Photo by AJ+ via Twitter) By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The move came as part of a new initiative led by Covering Climate Now, […]

April 13th

Despite pandemic shutdowns, CO2 now at levels unseen in 3.6 million years

U.S. government scientists warned Wednesday that despite temporary drops in planet-heating emissions due to shutdowns triggered by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, “levels of the two most important anthropogenic greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane, continued their unrelenting rise in 2020.” By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also said that the global surface average […]

April 12th

Despite pledges on Tribal relations and climate, Biden declines to shut down Dakota Access Pipeline

Indigenous leaders and climate campaigners on Friday blasted President Joe Biden’s refusal to shut down the Dakota Access pipeline during a court-ordered environmental review, which critics framed as a betrayal of his campaign promises to improve tribal relations and transition the country to clean energy. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “Biden’s inaction to protect our […]

April 10th

Fossil fuel companies took $8.2 billion in job-saving bailouts—Then fired 58,000 workers anyway

Bolstering arguments against providing further public benefits to the fossil fuel industry, a BailoutWatch analysis published Friday reveals that 77 companies got a collective $8.24 billion tax bailout last year, then laid off tens of thousands of employees. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The tax benefits for major polluters resulted from two provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, […]

April 7th

It’s not just 98% of scientists. Most ECONOMISTS see need for drastic climate action!

While scientists and campaigners continue calling on world leaders to pursue more ambitious policies to cut planet-heating emissions based on moral arguments and physical dangers, a U.S. think tank released survey results on Tuesday that make a clear economic case for sweeping climate action. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The Institute for Policy Integrity at New York […]

April 2nd

Biden’s American Jobs Plan is big, but THRIVE plan is bigger and bolder

When U.S. President Joe Biden headed to Pittsburgh on Wednesday to unveil the first part of his long-awaited and already hotly debated infrastructure plan, he was greeted with four billboards from grassroots advocates urging the administration to “go big” and “go bold” on economic recovery, in part by supporting the THRIVE Act. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams […]

April 1st

Senate FINALLY mobilizes the Congressional Review Act to take on Trump’s methane rule

Four members of the Democrat-controlled Senate this week introduced a resolution that would use an “obscure but powerful” federal law to reverse the Trump administration’s weakening of Obama-era rules on fossil fuel companies’ emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) along with Sens. Martin […]

March 29th

EU Court dismisses People’s Climate Case – Families and indigenous youth vow to continue the fight

Plaintiffs in the “People’s Climate Case” promised to keep fighting for justice after the European Union’s top court on Thursday decided to “close its doors to people hit by climate impacts” by upholding a lower court’s dismissal of the case on procedural grounds. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Initiated in 2018 by families from Fiji, France, Germany, […]

March 26th

House Dems urged to cut fossil fuels and false solutions from CLEAN Future Act

As a U.S. House panel held a hearing Thursday on clean energy legislation introduced earlier this month by key Democrats, more than 300 environmental and justice organizations sent a letter to Congress raising alarm about the role of “false solutions” including fossil fuels, biomass, and nuclear power in the proposal. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The Climate […]

March 24th

Corporate climate Pledges are failing the planet – AND investors

Underscoring expert warnings about the inadequacy of current global pledges to cut planet-heating emissions, the world’s largest climate-focused investor initiative released an analysis Monday detailing how the biggest corporate polluters are falling short in terms transitioning to net-zero businesses by 2050 or sooner. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams After sending letters last September to companies responsible for the most greenhouse […]

March 23rd

The Green Infrastructure Bill is coming – but is $3 trillion going to be enough?

Having cleared its first major legislative hurdle with the coronavirus pandemic relief package that President Joe Biden signed into law earlier this month, his administration is now hard at work on a long-awaited infrastructure plan—but progressive advocacy groups responded critically on Monday to reporting about the legislation’s possible $3 trillion price tag, warning it is not enough. By […]

March 23rd

Fridays for Future: ‘Not in 2030 or 2050…Now!’

After a year of online actions and occasional in-person protests limited by the coronavirus pandemic, the youth climate strikers of the Fridays for Future movement returned to streets around the world on Friday to demand urgent, ambitious action that meets the scale of the planetary emergency. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Frustrated that governments across the globe continue to […]

March 20th

Lawmakers urge President Biden to block massive new petrochemical complex in Cancer Alley

A pair of lawmakers known for fighting for environmental justice in Congress sent a letter to the White House on Wednesday urging President Joe Biden to deliver on his campaign promises to curb pollution in frontline communities by permanently blocking a large petrochemical complex in an area of Louisiana called “Cancer Alley.”   By Jessica Corbett Common […]

March 18th

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland confirmed by Senate – First Native American Cabinet member

A diverse coalition of progressive and Indigenous figures and organizations on Monday celebrated the Senate’s confirmation of Deb Haaland to head the Department of the Interior—making the New Mexico Democrat and Green New Deal supporter the first Native American Cabinet secretary in U.S. history. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams  She was confirmed by a 51-40 vote in […]

March 16th

‘We’re destroying our life-support systems’: Amazon rainforest now CONTRIBUTES to climate change

While recent research has raised alarm that tropical forests including the Amazon could soon stop serving as carbon sinks, a first-of-its-kind study from 30 experts that takes into account other greenhouse gases suggests the world’s largest rainforest may already be contributing to the warming of the planet. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The new analysis, published Thursday in the […]

March 15th