Author: Jessica Corbett

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Climate Data: Governments are STILL investing in more fossil fuel infrastructure instead of solar, wind

A new online tool launched Wednesday by a U.S.-based advocacy group details how international public finance is continuing to fuel the climate emergency rather than sufficiently funding a just transition to clean energy. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Oil Change International (OCI) unveiled its Public Finance for Energy Database—accessible at—along with a briefing that lays out key findings, why the […]

April 21st

NEPA is back: Biden fixing bedrock environmental law that Trump gutted

While welcoming the White House’s move Tuesday to repair some of the damage that the Trump administration did to a federal law known as “the Magna Carta of environmental legislation,” green groups also urged President Joe Biden to go even further. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) finalized its “phase 1” rule for the National Environmental Policy […]

April 20th

Big oil keeps on lying – “Tricks of the Trade: Deceptive Practices, Climate Delay, and Greenwashing in the Oil and Gas Industry”

The nonprofit Earthworks on Tuesday revealed how eight fossil fuel giants use “confusing jargon, false solutions, and misleading metrics” to distort “the severity of ongoing harm to health and climate from the oil and gas sector by helping companies lower reported emissions and claim climate action without actually reducing emissions.” By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The […]

April 15th

Biden EPA unveils ‘first-ever’ blueprint to protect endangered species from pesticides

Environmental campaigners on Tuesday cautiously embraced the Biden administration’s historic new blueprint to guard endangered species from pesticides as a much-needed step forward while also calling for more concrete moves to protect wildlife, people, and the planet. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Welcoming the Environmental Protection Agency’s “first-ever comprehensive workplan” on the topic, Center for Biological Diversity environmental […]

April 13th

Tired of playing nice and being ignored, scientists stage climate rebellion

After wrapping up a worldwide civil disobedience campaign to call for a “climate revolution,” scientists on Monday pledged to keep fighting for the ambitious action they warn is necessary to prevent the most catastrophic impacts of the fossil-fueled global emergency. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “Scientists do not know how to shout or stain walls or stop traffic. […]

April 12th

One solution for the climate emergency (and high gas prices!): Nationalize big oil

In the wake of a United Nations report that activists said showed the “bleak and brutal truth” about the climate emergency, a leading economist on Friday highlighted a step that supporters argue could be incredibly effective at combating the global crisis: nationalizing the U.S. fossil fuel industry. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Writing for The American Prospect, Robert […]

April 11th

New IPCC report: Time is running out. We must act NOW to avoid the worst damage

A United Nations report on the climate emergency—released Monday after negotiations spilled into overtime—sparked a fresh wave of calls for bolder and scientifically informed action to rapidly and dramatically reduce planet-heating emissions for the sake of all life on Earth. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Watching ⁦@IPCC_CH⁩ presser now. UN Sec Gen. ⁦@antonioguterres⁩ delivers starkest warning to date. […]

April 5th

We NEED to build infrastructure – Will we choose a clean energy transition, or lock in more fossil fuels?

Tackling the current energy crisis in the short term and combating the climate emergency in the long term both require rapidly phasing out fossil fuels, a global group that promotes renewable energy said Tuesday. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams 📢New Outlook says #energycrisis intervention must be accompanied by steadfast focus on #EnergyTransition goals. A #renewables-based transition […]

April 2nd

Ukraine Blood on Their Hands: Analysis details how Big Oil funded Putin’s war chest

Bolstering climate campaigners’ charges that fossil fuels have funded Russia’s ongoing assault on Ukraine, an analysis published Friday by three green groups reveals top energy companies helped build Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war chest to the tune of nearly $100 billion since 2014. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The new briefing from Greenpeace USA, Global Witness, and […]

March 28th

USPS could serve 99% of routes with an EV fleet (so why is DeJoy locking in costly fossil fuels?)

“A gas-guzzling fleet is clearly the wrong choice.” That’s what Congressman Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) said in response to a new report from the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) about how transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) would impact the USPS. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The OIG analysis, released last week, came as Huffman and other […]

March 24th

Manchin moves the goalposts yet again, now opposes EVs (Does he know how batteries even work?)

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin came under fire Monday after his recent remarks about government support for electric vehicles made the rounds on social media and suggested that the West Virginia Democrat—known for sabotaging his own party’s agenda—either doesn’t understand how EVs work or believes he can get away with misleading comments about them. By Jessica Corbett […]

March 15th

Oil and gas giants under fire for fueling Russian war on Ukraine

Climate campaigners worldwide called out major oil and gas companies this weekend for fueling conflict around the world, including Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ongoing war in Ukraine, and demanded a shift to renewables. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Greenpeace France activists took to the sea Saturday to “highlight the historical responsibility of fossil fuels in triggering […]

March 8th

Solar Energy: Fears of nuclear disaster in Ukraine bolster push for renewable future

While a fire at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant has been extinguished—and the complex reportedly seized by invading Russian forces—overnight fears of a major disaster fueled fresh calls for rapidly building a cleaner, safer global energy system. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “Part of the problem with nuclear energy is that its advocates kind of just pretend geopolitical conditions […]

March 6th