Author: Jo Borrás

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Green building would add 30,000 plants and trees to cityscape

The stunning piece of green building architecture you’re looking at here is called the Rainbow Tree Residential Tower, and its architect claims that, once (if?) built, the 377-foot timber tower would bring more than 30,000 new plants, shrubs, and trees to the skyline of Cebu, Philippines. By Jo Borrás Cleantechnica The building was designed by […]

April 19th

World’s first zero-emissions electric construction site!

Even in cities like Oslo, Norway, which is typically thought of as progressive and “green” here in the ‘States, more than 20% of the total CO2 emissions comes from heavy-duty construction equipment. That’s a huge number, and you can bet that older, less regulated machines in other major cities are even worse. That fact has motivated the […]

April 9th

800 HP electric Mustang – Quick, quiet, powerful, FUN!

Mitch Medford is an interesting guy. He’s a hot rodder and drag racer, through and through. He appreciates the classics, and has a refined style that leans towards clean, uncluttered builds. Clean, uncluttered builds with massive amounts of tire-shredding torque, that is. It’s that thirst for speed that let him to build the 800 HP, […]

July 7th

Ford moves its EV team – Team Edison – back to Detroit

Ford is following up its recent about-face on electric vehicles by moving its electric vehicle operations back to the company’s spiritual home in Detroit. By Jo Borrás Gas2 The new offices in Corktown will “bring together Ford teams in an urban environment as they help the company push into a world of electrification and autonomy,” according to […]

July 6th

Mercedes is worried its electric vehicles are too quiet. Hires Linkin Park to make electric noises.

Mercedes-Benz and its captive tuning arm, AMG, are moving headlong into the automotive future with innovative hybrid technology and a commitment to developing exciting cars with advanced autonomous capabilities. The brand is still coming to grips with how its electric vehicels should feel, however, as evidenced by this latest news from Stuttgart: Linkin Park has been brought on to […]

December 28th

What is the difference between gas and diesel engines?

With all the emissions scandals surrounding Volkswagen, Mercedes, Fiat, and even Harley-Davidson, we’ve been talking a lot about diesel engines in the last year, but how many of our readers really understand how diesel engines work compared to gas engines? How many of them really understand how a conventional four-cycle engine works in the first place? By Jo Borrás […]

September 3rd

VW exec behind diesel cheat gets prison time

James Robert Liang, an engineer at Volkswagen, has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for knowingly working to cover up the fact that the German automaker was cheating on diesel emissions tests. The sentence also carries a fine of $200,000, which was an even steeper punishment than prosecutors had initially requested. By Jo Borrás  “The […]

August 29th