Author: Julia Conley

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Senate investigates price-fixing collusion between Big Oil and OPEC

Announcing a probe into potential efforts by fossil fuel companies to illegally coordinate with international oil producers in order to fix prices, U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse on Wednesday wrote to 18 oil giants demanding that they turn over communications with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, commonly known as OPEC. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Whitehouse (D-R.I.) wrote to […]

June 29th

‘Historic’ Settlement With Youth Will Force Hawaiian Transit System to Speed Decarbonization

Days before a case brought by 13 young climate advocates in Hawaii was set to go to trial, the state’s governor and Department of Transportation on Thursday announced an “unprecedented” settlement that will expedite the decarbonization of Hawaii’s transit system—and formally “recognizes children’s constitutional rights to a life-sustaining climate.” By Julia Conley Common Dreams The plaintiffs in Navahine […]

June 22nd

UK exits ‘climate-wrecking’ energy charter treaty

The United Kingdom’s decision to exit a 30-year-old fossil fuel-friendly treaty called the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) will “untie a straitjacket” on the country’s ability to ensure a just transition toward renewable energy, said one campaign group on Thursday. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Officials announced that after two years of negotiations to modernize the 1994 […]

February 27th

As climate crisis deepens, Big Oil companies lavish shareholders with record payouts

The year 2023 was marked by weather events that made it increasingly clear that the Earth has entered what United Nations Secretary General António Guterres called the “era of global boiling,” with wildfires and prolonged heatwaves impacting millions of people and scientists confirming their suffering was the direct result of fossil fuel extraction and planetary heating. By Julia Conley Common Dreams But for […]

January 4th

Despite lofty climate promises at COP28, US approves yet another LNG pipeline

Days after U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken addressed the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference and warned that food insecurity “is made worse by our warming climate,” government watchdog Public Citizen wrote to the top diplomat Wednesday, demanding to know why—if he is concerned about planetary heating—his agency recently approved the construction of a fracked gas pipeline. By […]

December 8th

Climate Chaos – Summer of 2023 was hottest in recorded history

Climate scientists across the world have been alarmed over the past three months by fast-spreading wildfires, prolonged and deadly heatwaves, and numerous shattered heat records across the northern hemisphere both in the oceans and on land—and data released Tuesday confirmed that the past three months have been the hottest summer on record, driven by humans’ continued emission of […]

September 7th

Youth driving climate action: Gen Z for Change leader calls out Biden Press Secretary

Shortly after U.S. President Joe Biden angered climate campaigners by failing to mention fossil fuels in his remarks about new protections for millions of people facing extreme heat, the executive director of a youth-led advocacy group decided to address the administration directly about officials’ refusal to end support for the planet-heating oil and gas industry. By Julia […]

August 3rd

No New Gas – New York to build publicly owned renewable energy, electrify new buildings

Climate campaigners in New York were credited on Tuesday with pushing Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state Legislature to include in the state budget “historic” provisions that will build publicly owned renewable energy and end the use of fossil fuels in new buildings—without a loophole allowing municipalities to opt out of the requirement. By […]

May 3rd

Activists applaud Biden for preserving new National Monuments (but what about arctic oil drilling at Willow?)

Conservation advocates on Tuesday credited yearslong campaigns led by Indigenous groups and other frontline organizers with pushing President Joe Biden to designate two new national monuments in the southwestern U.S., but they also emphasized that the gesture cannot negate the environmental damage that the White House set in motion last week when it approved ConocoPhillips’ Willow oil […]

March 23rd

Rage against Willow – Fellow Dems say arctic drilling approval leaves ‘Oil Stain’ on Biden climate legacy

Progressives on Capitol Hill joined climate advocates and Indigenous leaders across the country Monday in blasting U.S. President Joe Biden for his administration’s approval of ConocoPhillips’ Willow oil project on federal land in Alaska. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “The Biden administration has committed to fighting climate change and advancing environmental justice—today’s decision to approve the Willow […]

March 14th

Norfolk Southern’s ‘Safety Plan’ is just more corner-cutting, leading to more disasters and deaths

With railroad operator Norfolk Southern involved in numerous significant train derailments and other accidents in recent weeks, the company on Monday unveiled a “six-point safety plan” that officials claimed would “immediately enhance the safety of its operations.” By Julia Conley Common Dreams But critics including rail workers were quick to point out that one aspect of the […]

March 10th

Yet another toxic train derailment shows who is REALLY at war with rural white folk

Shortly after two progressive lawmakers unveiled legislation that would require more stringent federal regulations for trains carrying hazardous materials, a train carrying propane fuel through Manatee County, Florida derailed and made the latest case for far-reaching action, according to advocates. Brittany Muller of WFLA News Channel 8reported that “one tanker carrying 30,000 gallons of propane has rolled off the […]

March 1st

After Norfolk Southern’s toxic train disaster, voters want real safety measures to protect their communities

Almost half of U.S. voters surveyed by progressive think tank Data for Progress blame rail company Norfolk Southern for the February 3 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio which forced 1,500 residents to evacuate, contaminated soil and water, and has been blamed for causing a number of symptoms even as officials claim air and water monitoring hasn’t shown dangerous levels of […]

February 27th