Author: Kay Sexton

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Animals, Environment, Children and Risk

Very young children haven’t learned good hand hygiene and so are not good at washing their hands, and also that they are more prone to complications from E.coli than adults. But there is a counter-argument being made by some health professionals that a child’s immune system is only built if it is given enough exposure to the wider world and depriving children of this kind of contact actually harms their ability to battle a range of viruses and infections.

September 23rd

Green Jobs ‘Dopey’ says Australian Union Leader

The leader of one of Australia’s most influential unions has said that green jobs is a ‘dopey term’. Tony Maher went on to suggest that many of the environmental campaigns run in his country are ‘judgemental nonsense’ and that industries like coal and steel will have more impact on both prosperity and the creation of a low carbon future than people realised.

September 15th

Climate Camp Cree Involvement

This week’s London Camp for Climate Action is actually a training event, taking place within sight of the City of London and preparing activists for the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. It aims to provide volunteers with information on four aspects of Climate Change: education, direct action, sustainable living and building a movement to effectively tackle climate change.

August 25th