Author: Kenny Stancil

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House GOP’s Energy Package slammed as climate-killing ‘Giveaway to Big Oil’

As House Republicans prepare to vote on H.R. 1 this week, environmental advocates warned Monday that the sprawling package of fossil fuel-friendly legislation would worsen the climate emergency and biodiversity destruction while saddling U.S. households with higher energy bills. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams H.R. 1, misleadingly titled the “Lower Energy Costs Act” and dubbed the “Polluters Over People […]

March 28th

Biden Admin sues petrochemical giants over deadly pollution in Cancer Alley

The Biden administration on Tuesday sued two corporations behind a petrochemical plant in Louisiana, arguing that the facility poses “unacceptably high cancer risks” to the low-income and predominantly Black residents of nearby communities and demanding significant cuts in toxic pollution. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams On behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the […]

March 2nd

To Prevent More ‘Catastrophic Derailments,’ Rail Workers Outline Plan for Immediate Reforms

Three weeks after the lives of East Palestine, Ohio residents were upended by a fiery wreck involving a Norfolk Southern-owned train overloaded with hazardous materials, rail union leaders on Friday implored federal regulators and lawmakers to “focus on the primary reasons for the derailment and take immediate action to prevent future disasters.” By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams […]

February 25th

COP28: How can UAE Sultan al-Jaber chair a climate summit when his company plans more climate destruction?

The campaign to oust Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber from his role as president-designate of the forthcoming United Nations climate summit ratcheted up this week after the fossil fuel corporation he oversees announced record profits along with plans to expand. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) raked in $802 million in […]

February 18th

Instead of going to people and small farms, Colorado River water is siphoned off by Big Oil and Big Ag

Since the seven Colorado River Basin states failed again last week to reach a consensus on a plan to conserve the region’s dwindling water resources, environmental justice campaigners have implored officials to prioritize combating the “overuse and abuse” of water by agribusiness and fossil fuel corporations. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New […]

February 6th

Big oil wants to drill on public lands. It should also pay to clean up the mess

A trio of advocacy groups on Thursday urged the U.S. Interior Department to do more to fix the nation’s “broken oil and gas leasing system.” Hundreds of progressive organizations, including Public Citizen, have called on President Joe Biden’s administration to halt fossil fuel extraction on public lands and waters. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams But Public Citizen, Project […]

December 27th

What are they thinking? PA lifts fracking ban in polluted town of Dimock

Environmental justice advocates cried foul after it was reported that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is allowing a fracking giant to resume drilling operations in Dimock just two weeks after it accepted responsibility for poisoning the small rural town’s drinking water. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Roughly 14 years after a well explosion on New Year’s Day […]

December 16th

No agreement yet from the first conference on an international plastics treaty

Hours before the first round of negotiations to advance a global plastics treaty concluded Friday in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, the leader of the United Nations implored countries “to look beyond waste and turn off the tap on plastic.” By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams “Plastics are fossil fuels in another form,” U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres tweeted, “and […]

December 5th

Facing another climate-induced coral bleaching event, Great Barrier Reef needs global protection

Because Australia’s efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef from damages wrought by the fossil fuel-driven climate crisis, pollution, and overfishing are falling short, the planet’s largest coral reef system should be placed on a list of World Heritage sites considered “in danger,” a pair of experts said Monday. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams The bleeching of the […]

November 29th

COP27 – Lula wows to make Amazon rainforest destruction ‘A thing of the past’

Leftist Brazilian President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva vowed Wednesday to halt deforestation of the Amazon and to establish a special ministry to protect Indigenous forest dwellers from human rights abuses. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams During a speech at the United Nations COP27 climate conference in Egypt—his first on the international stage since he defeated Brazil’s outgoing far-right president, […]

November 20th

COP27 – Vanessa Nakate slams world leaders for proliferating deadly fossil fuels

Ugandan climate justice activist Vanessa Nakate denounced world leaders Tuesday for continuing to support new coal, oil, and gas projects despite overwhelming evidence that extracting and burning more fossil fuels will exacerbate deadly climate chaos. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams “The focus for many leaders is about making deals for fossil fuel lobbyists, surviving the next election cycle, and grabbing […]

November 16th

Just for starters: To avoid total climate chaos, clean energy production must double by 2030

The worldwide supply of electricity from clean energy sources must be doubled by the end of the decade to limit global temperature rise—or else there is an increased risk that worsening extreme weather disasters turbocharged by the fossil fuel-driven climate crisis will further diminish energy security and even imperil renewable By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams […]

October 14th

Climate Chaos: A massive heatwave is descending on the US West, bringing more wildfires

The U.S. West is bracing for a potentially record-shattering heatwave through Labor Day weekend, with experts warning that scorching temperatures are likely to trigger a spike in heatstroke and deaths and set the stage for a possibly catastrophic fire season this fall. Extreme heat—”supercharged” by the fossil fuel-driven climate crisis, as environmental scientist Jonathan Overpeck put it—has […]

September 1st