Author: Kenny Stancil

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Manchin admits the game plan: Pass his fossil-fuel-friendly infrastructure bill, then tank climate-saving reconciliation bill

Sen. Joe Manchin admitted Thursday, ahead of a scheduled House vote on the Senate-passed bipartisan infrastructure bill, that it had been corporate Democrats’ plan all along to first secure passage of their fossil fuel-friendly legislation and then undermine the party’s more ambitious reconciliation package that proposes investing up to $3.5 trillion over a decade in clean energy and the social […]

October 1st

House Dems unveil bill to stop Wall Street from destroying the planet with fossil fuels

Progressives on Wednesday applauded Democratic Reps. Mondaire Jones, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib for unveiling a bill that would prevent Wall Street from continuing to bankroll fossil fuels, the primary driver of the climate emergency. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams The Fossil Free Finance Act (pdf) would require the Federal Reserve to mandate, via regulation or guidance, […]

September 16th

Progressives slam House Dems’ tax plan

Democrats on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee are reportedly planning to unveil a slate of changes to the U.S. tax code that would raise the rates paid by large corporations and the rich—but not to the extent that President Joe Biden proposed earlier this year. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams According to a brief draft document circulating […]

September 15th

Nobel Economist tells Biden: If you want to Build Back Better, ditch Fed Chair Powell

If U.S. President Joe Biden wants to fulfill his “Build Back Better” agenda, he should not appoint Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell to another four-year term, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said in an interview released Wednesday, joining a group of progressive lawmakers in advocating for fresh leadership at the nation’s central bank. By Kenny […]

September 13th

California’s horrific Caldor Fire forces South Lake Tahoe residents to evacuate

California’s Caldor Fire forced tens of thousands of people to flee South Lake Tahoe on Monday, an extreme weather disaster that experts said provides further evidence of the need to rapidly slash greenhouse gas emissions and transition to clean energy. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams The Caldor Fire, one of 83 large blazes currently torching the U.S. West, has […]

September 1st

NOAA says atmospheric CO2 levels haven’t been this high in 800,000 years

Bolstering the case for meaningful climate action, a major report released Wednesday found that Earth’s atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations and sea levels both hit record highs in 2020. By  Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Based on the contributions of more than 530 scientists from over 60 countries and compiled by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […]

August 29th

Oil leasing resumes (thanks to Trump-appointed judge) but Biden should do more

Progressive advocates are rebuking the Biden administration after it said this week that federal officials will soon resume selling new leases for oil and gas drilling on public lands and waters.   By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams President Joe Biden’s Tuesday announcement (pdf) came in response to a June court ruling by a Trump-appointed federal judge who sided with a group of […]

August 27th

Targeting Democrats who defend fossil fuel subsidies with “Extreme Weather Ads”

More than two dozen advocacy groups launched “extreme weather ads” in five state newspapers on Monday to pressure right-wing Senate Democrats to stop giving taxpayer money to the oil, gas, and coal companies most responsible for the climate emergency. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Full page ads—featuring artwork from Hannah Rothstein’s 50 States of Change Collection, which depicts some of […]

August 24th

There’s more: Draft IPCC Report urging bold emission cuts leaked (to pressure governments to ACT)

Concerned that aspects of its conclusions will be diluted by policymakers, a group of scientists has leaked a draft of a forthcoming IPCC report, which argues that to avert further climate chaos, global carbon emissions must peak by 2025 and all fossil fuel plants worldwide must be shuttered by the end of the decade. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams […]

August 15th

Drill baby drill: Bipartisan infrastructure bill ‘doubling down on support for carbon polluters’ with $25 billion in subsidies

While Democratic leaders have described the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure bill as “a significant down payment” toward addressing the climate emergency, environmental justice advocates are warning that the proposed legislation—which reportedly includes billions of dollars in potential new subsidies for dirty energy projects disguised as solutions—threatens to prolong the life of the planet-wrecking fossil fuel industry. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Citing an analysis by the […]

August 4th

Eliminating carbon emissions by 2050 would avoid 74 million premature deaths this century

Providing further evidence of the deadly consequences of the fossil fuel-driven climate emergency and the far-reaching health benefits of decarbonization, new research out Thursday shows that eliminating greenhouse gas emissions within the next three decades would save tens of millions of lives around the world. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Roughly 74 million lives could be […]

August 3rd

Last Roundup: Monsanto parent Bayer will end residential sales of glyphosate

In a move that environmental groups celebrated as a “historic victory” following years of campaigning to remove Roundup and similar weedkillers from store shelves, Bayer on Thursday announced that it will halt the sale of glyphosate-based herbicides to consumers in the U.S. lawn and garden market by 2023. Monsanto’s Roundup (Photo CC by Mike Mozart on Flickr) By Kenny Stancil […]

July 30th

As climate emergency batters the world, scientists meet to finalize key report ahead of COP26

Amid an ongoing wave of extreme weather disasters and ahead of a major United Nations climate conference this fall, top scientists from nearly 200 countries began meeting Monday to finalize a landmark report detailing how the fossil fuel-driven climate emergency is already wreaking havoc around the globe and what society must do to avert its most catastrophic consequences. By Kenny Stancil […]

July 27th

‘Huge legal win’: Court stops police From Blockading Line 3 Pipeline protester camp

In a development environmental activists called a “huge legal win in the fight against Line 3,” a Minnesota court on Friday ordered police in Hubbard County to stop impeding access to the Giniw Collective’s camp, where anti-pipeline activists have been organizing opposition to Enbridge’s multibillion-dollar tar sands project. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams The ruling comes less than a […]

July 24th

House passes bill to protect your drinking water and environment from PFAS “Forever chemicals”

The U.S. House on Wednesday passed the PFAS Action Act of 2021, a bill that, if passed by the U.S. Senate, would improve the regulation and facilitate the cleanup of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances—long-lasting synthetic chemicals that pose a threat to public and environmental health. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams H.R. 2467, introduced by Rep. Debbie Dingell […]

July 22nd