Author: James Howard Kunstler

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James Howard Kunstler: Typhoon Trump

By James Howard Kunstler Many thoughtful and patriotic citizens entering the Kubler-Ross free-fire zone of desperate bargaining with reality are at work attempting to chart an orderly course around the Godzilla-like figure of Trump looming outside the desecrated once-shining city of American democracy. I doubt there is such an orderly way through this political bad […]

James Howard Kunstler: Riding into the election on the garbage barge of history

By James Howard Kunslter Hillary’s dumb riposte to Trump’s dumb slogan — make America great again! — is “…America never stopped being great.” I guess she’s been traveling around the strip-mall wastelands of Carolina failing to notice the carnage that lays upon this land like a mortal scrofula. America has been committing suicide by bad […]

James Howard Kunstler – The death of the thinking class and the reality-based community

By James Howard Kunstler It ought to be a foregone conclusion that Mr. Obama’s replacement starting January 20, 2017 will preside over conditions of disorder in everyday life and economy never seen before. For the supposedly thinking class in America, the end of reality-optional politics will come as the surprise of their lives. Where has […]

February 15th

Wall Street billionaire Bloomberg fancies himself an independent…

By James Howard Kunstler Much as many people-who-ought-to-know-better have been enjoying the disruptive antics of Donald Trump, surely other cohorts and coteries have endured dark nights of the soul as they witness the 2016 election spin into a perfect storm of rebellion, corruption, and idiocy. Imagine the scenes in Michael Bloomberg’s drawing room the past […]

January 25th

Kunstler’s predictions for climate change in 2016: Pretend to the bitter end

By James Howard Kunstler (You can find the introduction to this series here.) This is the underlayment of despair that reflective persons cannot avoid thinking about, when all the other petty issues of human relations and the project of civilization are disposed of. Weird weather? Biblical Floods? Melting icecaps? Sea level creep? It was 70 degrees […]

January 9th