Author: Maartin Vinkhuyzen

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Tesla is starving US market in favor of EU & East Asia

Tesla does not publish its sales per region, and certainly not in advance. But we, the obsessive Tesla watchers, have our secret methods to determine what is happening. Long, long ago, in the times of the Model S & X, the vehicles were shipped in containers. The container could go to Florida, to Abu Dhabi, or […]

October 29th

Range of EVs and the myth of the “City Car”

The myth of the modern “city car” originates from the makers of Swatch watches. They thought there should be a market for stylish, functional, small cars for city dwellers — the same kind of people who bought their watches. This “SwatchMobile” became the Daimler Smart car. It was very popular, mainly among journalists who found […]

January 20th

EV invasion: The Europeans are coming!

For those who follow the fully electric car market, 2016 was exciting. GM introduced the Chevy Bolt a full year ahead of Tesla’s Model 3. It was the first long-range affordable electric car in the United States. The following year, 2017, was even better. Tesla launched its long expected Model 3. That car was awesome, […]

January 15th

Tesla’s production process is Silicon Valley, NOT Detroit

It appears the Tesla writers on Seeking Alpha are in a competition about who can create the most outlandish theory about Tesla’s finances, preferably completely devoid of reality, whereas Linette Lopez is more your run-of-the-mill yellow press reporter. Her latest alarming report about Tesla is titled “Internal documents reveal the grueling way Tesla hit its 5,000 Model 3 […]

August 22nd