Author: Meteor Blades

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On Thanksgiving, some thoughts on language and family

If you’ve got one of those families—nuclear or extended—in which talking politics at the dinner table brings out the glares and knives, or you just get bored hanging around the in-laws and outlaws of your own little clan on Thanksgiving, perhaps you can turn the whole affair into a language experiment that everybody can participate in. […]

November 24th

Under-30 climate voters will be key for Warnock winning the Georgia run-off election

Commentators have attached much comfort and hope to the turnout of young voters in this year’s election. At 27%, youth turnout was the third highest in the 13 midterms since 1974, with peaks at 32% in 1982 and 31% in 2018. They strongly favored Democrats. By Meteor Blades Although there were quite large differences in the overall percentage of turnout among […]

November 23rd

What does the GOP plan to do about the climate crisis? End the House Climate Crisis Committee

Republicans are planning to make the party even more unpalatable to young voters who cast their ballots massively in favor of Democrats last week. Fitting for the GOP where more than half congressional members (139 out of 271) are outright climate crisis deniers. By Meteor Blades From Ari Natter at Bloomberg: “The climate crisis committee will not […]

November 20th

The cost they don’t talk about: Burning fossil fuels kills MILLIONS every year

“Health at the mercy of fossil fuels” is the headline of the 2022 Lancet Countdown on Health and  Climate Change that was released by the renowned medical journal Tuesday. The seventh annual report tracks 43 health and climate indicators, including exposure to extreme heat. This year’s edition is another grim study of how our “fossil fuel addiction” is killing us. By […]

November 5th

Earth Matters: Wild horses heading West; a land defender is murdered every two days

Kurtis Alexander writes at the San Francisco Chronicle, “A herd of wild horses just moved into this iconic California destination. No one knows what comes next”. Only over the past few years have the horses become a familiar sight in the eastern Sierra. They’ve pushed west from their historical stomping grounds in and around the White […]

October 25th

Earth Matters: The next pandemic could be a virus released from melting glaciers by climate change

Nearly four years ago, an analysis published in the journal Science found that the oceans were warming 40% faster than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had reported in its fifth climate assessment in 2014. This week that acceleration was confirmed in a paper published in the journal Nature Reviews. It found that the top 2,000 meters of the oceans have […]

October 21st

Earth Matters: Biden designates new Camp Hale/Continental Divide National Monument

The Biden administration’s America the Beautiful program seeks a “30 by 30” conservation plan, which aims to protect 30% of the nation’s land and water by 2030. National monuments are likely to be a big part of that extremely ambitious program. President Joe Biden quickly restored the boundaries of two national monuments in Utah that Donald Trump shrank during […]

October 20th

Earth Matters: No national security without climate security; EVs can power transportation security

While the unprecedented funding of the Inflation Reduction Act is crucial to spur acceleration of the nascent transformation of our energy system, the folks at the National Priorities Project of the Institute for Policy Studies succinctly explain what numerous climate hawks have been pointing out and why the IRA must be only a foundation to build on. By Meteor Blades Through FY 2022, […]

October 18th

Indigenous People’s Day: Top 13 recommended books by and about American Indians

Over the years, one question I have been asked repeatedly is for a recommendation of a book that comprehensively tells the story of American Indians. In fact, there’s no book that does that because, just like other people who live in the USA, Indians aren’t monolithic. Hundreds of federally recognized tribes, hundreds more that are unrecognized, 29 language groups and […]

October 10th

Earth Matters news roundup: Solar energy thrives in schools, but birds are in deep trouble

In the fourth edition of Generation180’s report Brighter Future, the clean energy nonprofit’s authors found that the number of U.S. public, independent, and charter K-12 schools getting electricity from on site solar power have doubled since the first report in 2014. By the end of 2021, “solar schools” totaled 8,400 with an enrollment of 6 million of the […]

October 7th