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Earth Matters – Progressive takes on this week’s climate and clean energy stories

Making Climate the Everything Story by Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope at The Nation. The news media needs to stop treating climate change as a niche topic—and start treating it as the most important story of our time. Despite living through the hottest summer in history, as well as wildfires, tropical storms, and rapidly warming oceans, the news media continues to […]

September 24th

At Climate Ambition Summit, U.N. Secretary-General Guterres warns we’re at the ‘gates of hell’

The Climate Ambition Summit began Wednesday in New York City with a speech by Secretary-General António Guterres. Not in the audience were U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and President Joe Biden. By Meteor Blades #ClimateAction is dwarfed by the scale of the climate challenge. Today at #UNGA, I’m urging leaders to […]

September 22nd

Earth Matters – Progressive takes on this week’s climate and clean energy stories

The US has added more than 188,000 EV-related jobs, and the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation has launched an EV Jobs Hub to mark progress in that realm. The foundation is a partner with the BlueGreen Alliance, which since 2006 has worked to unite labor unions and environmental organizations to create high-quality, environmentally sound, unionized jobs in […]

September 21st

Fifty-one members of Congress want Biden to issue new executive order for a Civilian Climate Corps

For more than two years, activists and a cohort of progressive members of Congress have called on President Joe Biden to declare a “climate emergency.” He reportedly seriously considered this in the summer of 2022 but decided against it. Critics have said the government’s emergency powers aren’t designed to deal with long-term crises like climate change. Advocates haven’t given […]

September 20th

Earth Matters: Just FIVE companies are locking in 51% of new oil and gas expansion globally

According to Planet Wreckers, a new report by Oil Change International, just five companies are responsible for 51% of planned oil and gas expansion between now and 2050, what many scientists say is the deadline for zeroing out greenhouse gas emissions to address the climate crisis. The U.S, the report says, is the “Planet Wrecker in Chief,”  its plans […]

September 19th

Climate Chaos – Earth is exceeding the ‘safe operating space’ in 6 of 9 planetary boundaries

Back in 2009 researchers published the first report on exceeding the boundaries of Earth’s “safe operating space.” In 2015, there was an update. They concluded that the Earth had crossed the line beyond safety on at least four of nine boundaries—climate change, land use, biodiversity, and nutrient flows. Now, the researchers have published an even more disturbing update assessing the planet’s […]

September 18th

Climate March – If Fox’s Jesse Watters had his way, this weekend’s activists would be ‘run over’

Climate activists with the Global Fight to End Fossil Fuels are hoping for millions of people to show up this Friday, Sept. 15, at more than 400 actions worldwide to demonstrate for an immediate phaseout of fossil fuels. Despite the ever-worsening climate impacts all around us, that large a turnout sounds a bit ambitious. In September four years ago, an estimated 4 million protesters participated […]

September 15th

Election 2024: On the campaign trail, Democrats should follow Biden’s lead with two-pronged IRA message

A June study found that most registered voters had not heard of the Inflation Reduction Act with its hundreds of billions of dollars being used to leverage an acceleration of the transition to clean energy so we can zero out the emission of greenhouse gases that are literally killing us. By Meteor Blades In July, The Washington Post and […]

September 7th

As IPCC climate panel issues new warning, protesters in 29 states target banks’ financing of fossil fuels

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a 37-page summary of its AR6 Synthesis Report of the Sixth Assessment Report Monday. It integrates the grim conclusions of the assessment’s three Working Groups in three special reports released over the past two years. The key message reiterates what climatologists have been telling us for some time: We Earthlings have a brief […]

March 21st

Rage against Willow – Biden administration okays oil and gas ‘carbon bomb’ on Alaska’s pristine North Slope

The supreme irony of the Biden administration’s decision announced Monday to green-light ConocoPhillips’ massive, $8 billion Willow oil and gas project in a pristine part of Alaska’s North Slope can be found in a word: thermosiphons. Since the 1960s, Alaska has warmed more than twice as fast as the rest of the United States. By Meteor Blades Scientists predict that the region will warm […]

March 14th