Author: Meteor Blades

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Okay, we crushed the California recall, now can we fix the screwed-up recall provision?

As someone who spent 15.5 hours canvassing door to door to defeat the recall against California Gov. Gavin Newsom, I’ve got my happy face on tonight. Not least because it wasn’t a squeaker but showed strong support for the governor and achieved an honest to goodness trouncing of a specimen of one our nation’s plagues: right-wing talk radio hosts, the showmen of America’s political megachurches. […]

September 15th

With his district ON FIRE, climate denying GOP Rep LaMalfa now cries crocodile tears

Doug LaMalfa, a Donald Trump puppet, represents California’s 1st District, where the raging Dixie Fire has already burned 679 square miles in Plumas County, destroying the town of Greenville, eight of whose residents are counted as missing. He also represents Paradise, Magalia, and Concow, towns wiped out three years ago by the Camp Fire, which killed 86 people. Two of my very good […]

August 8th

The Custer Myth began 142 years ago today (and it’s still with us)

“Maka ki ecela tehani yanke lo!” —The war cry of Crazy Horse (Tȟašúŋke Witkó). Translation: “Only the Earth lasts forever.”  (1876) “There are not enough Indians in the world to defeat the Seventh Cavalry.”George Armstrong Custer (1876) The Custer Myth is a living thing, which refuses to die despite the efforts of careful historians to reduce it to uncontroverted facts. Almost everything […]

June 25th

Haaland recommends restoring boundaries and eco-protections to Bears Ears, Seamounts, and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments

Secretary of Interior Debra Haaland has recommended to President Joe Biden that he restore the boundaries and protections of three national monuments—Grand Staircase-Escalante designated by President Bill Clinton in 1996, and Bears Ears and the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts, designated by President Barack Obama in 2016. In the latter case, Republicans whined about the naming as a supposed abuse of authority by Obama. By […]

June 16th

Ford’s new EV F-150 pickup truck is a good thing – but the idea it’s going to crush Tesla is delusional

Last week, Ford Motor Co. debuted its Ford Lightning, an F-150 pickup truck that is all-electric. Many people went bananas. Now, they said, we’ll really see EVs take-off because we’ve got an automobile manufacturer that knows how to build a truck that looks like a truck, not that goofy futuristic Tesla Cybertruck. By Meteor Blades Before I […]

May 26th

Biden-Harris $4T plan to green U.S. infrastructure is on the right path. But far more money is needed

As soon as the word “infrastructure” shows up in a commentary most readers bail out. Everybody knows it’s crucial to our civilized existence, but could anything be more boring to actually discuss? For the next several months, however, discussion of the Biden-Harris proposal for the greening of the nation’s physical and human infrastructure is going to be ferocious. By  Meteor […]

April 1st

Zero Emission Transportation Association says Biden can get us to 100% EV sales in 10 years

The Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) has issued a policy platform with 34 recommendations for adoption by the incoming Biden-Harris administration and the 117th Congress to phase out tax credit limits on sales of electric vehicles (EV) by 2030. By Meteor Blades ZETA’s first recommendation would reform the federal EV tax credit. Currently, this lets EV buyers get up […]

March 31st

Wind and solar defy covid pandemic contraction and have stellar year

While the U.S. economy plunged into recession last year, with at least 25 million Americans now unemployed, furloughed, or working for less pay than before the coronavirus struck in February 2020, there were record-breaking new installations of renewable energy sources. By Meteor Blades Installations already operating generated 20% of all electricity produced in the U.S. in 2020, according to Bloomberg New […]

February 26th

US violated treaties and stole native lands. Now, they’re buying them back.

Some Native tribes are buying back ancestral lands snatched from them It’s expensive and the process can take years, but many American Indian tribes have been buying back lands taken from them, often at gunpoint or through connivery, during the colonization period of U.S. history. By Meteor Blades Even after they buy it, there is a complicated […]

February 23rd

Following up on Biden’s pledge, Interior Department will consult with Tribes on climate, covid, racial justice

The Interior Department announced Thursday that it will hold four initial teleconference consultations next month as part of a virtual listening tour with Indigenous Americans spanning the department’s 12 regions. The idea is to strengthen the government-to-government relationship between the tribes and federal authorities and repair some of the damage inflicted by the Trump regime. […]

February 21st

The covid pandemic is killing millions of jobs. The green transformation will generate millions of replacements.

Another 1.38 million Americans filed applications for initial unemployment benefits last week, with 16 million more now receiving continuing benefits from state or federal programs than was the case at this time last year. Some 25.5 million workers—15% of the workforce—are either unemployed, furloughed, or have seen their hours and pay cut because of the pandemic. Most of the unemployed will sooner or later go […]

February 19th