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Sen. Whitehouse links dark money corruption to chaos in the climate, politics, and SCOTUS

Below is an unrolled string of tweets from Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse about our political predicament. More of our Senators should be talking like this and joining Whitehouse’s relentless attacks on the corruption and authoritarianism eating away at democracy. By Meteor Blades In my impossible fantasies, the bulk of Democratic Senators would sign onto Whitehouse’s […]

July 3rd

Earth Matters – A roundup of climate and clean energy news from a progressive perspective

A new peer-reviewed study has found that lead levels in soil of some 25% of U.S. households exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency’s updated screening threshold of 200 parts per million for remediation. That’s a reduction from the previous limit of 400 ppm. Fixing this using the “dig and dump” technique on 29 affected million households, say the researchers, could cost an amount […]

June 30th

Recent heat waves are just a prelude of the hell to come

From 2011 to 2019, there was an average of 38 heat-related worker deaths a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2019, 43 workers were counted as having died from heat exposure, and more than 2,400 others suffered serious injuries and illnesses, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration calculated. By Meteor Blades […]

June 29th

On top of climate chaos, UN climate body is short on money

There was a bit a of news last week from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. That’s the 32-year-old process, backed by treaty, by which limits on carbon emissions are negotiated. To the government ministers and negotiators meeting at the year’s first round of international climate meetings in Denmark, UNFCCC executive director Simon Stiell on Thursday made […]

April 1st

Earth Matters – A roundup of climate action and clean energy news

OHIO’S SOLAR FARM WILL ALSO BE THE LARGEST U.S. AGRIVOLTAICS PROJECT – It was a struggle, but developers have finally gotten the go-ahead for what will be the nation’s largest agrivoltaics project. Locating crop production together with solar energy facilities has long been touted as a win-win and is now getting positive attention globally for its mutual benefits. […]

March 31st

Earth Matters – Climate change and clean energy news for March 24

MAYORS’ GREEN BUILDING INITIATIVES FUEL JOB GROWTH IN THE UNITED STATES – As the green transition gears up, one of the oft-heard plaintive cries comes from employers who say they cannot find enough skilled workers to meet the expected need for reducing energy bills and attaining pollution-cutting goals. By Meteor Blades Buildings in the United States can contribute as much […]

March 24th

Earth Matters – Jan 30 roundup of climate and clean energy news from a progressive perspective

No, The US Is Not Going To Cover 22 Million Acres With Solar Panels The Biden administration announced it is making 22 million acres of public land available for solar development, reports Steve Hanley at CleanTechnica. . “The Interior Department’s work to responsibly and quickly develop renewable energy projects is crucial to achieving the Biden-Harris administration’s goal […]

January 29th