Author: Meteor Blades

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We’re going to continue to see more and more ‘hottest years ever’

By Meteor Blades While Republican debaters seek ways to wipe off the stink of their global-warming denier labels and Republicans in Congress, state legislatures and the governors’ mansions seek ways to undermine the Obama administration’s modest but essential efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions, the tabulators of global warming stand aghast at what’s happening far […]

September 17th

Actions vs words undermine Obama’s climate message

By Meteor Blades Today, President Obama will begin his three-day trip to Alaska. In an Aug. 13  video released by the White House, the trip was billed as a climate-change visit. It will include a trek across the ice of the rapidly retreating Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park and a visit to Kotzebue, […]

August 31st

Donald Trump’s bullshit vs the real deal

By Meteor Blades One thing in the boatload of irksomeness that is Donald Trump is that he makes such ridiculous statements about important issues that the in-depth national discussion of them that we should be having is drowned out by the inevitable and wholly understandable guffaws and head shaking about his overall wackadoodliness. That’s the […]

August 21st

Unlike their damnfool parents, millennials WANT government to work

By Meteor Blades While some politicians want to keep starving government, including money for repairing, restoring and innovating our decaying infrastructure…. Tom Shoop at Government Executive writes: Millennials—More Government, Please: Much has been written about the disgust of the millennial generation with the state of the U.S. political system and about how federal agencies haven’t been able to […]

August 16th

Florida doubles down on dinosaur fossil fuels

By Meteor Blades Twenty-nine states across the nation have mandatory renewables portfolio standards in place. These require that a certain percentage of electricity consumed in the state be generated by renewables—solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal, hydropower—by a certain date. Seven other states have non-binding standards. Some of these RPS are aggressive, so much so that […]

December 1st