Author: Meteor Blades

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When you ignore science, children get poisoned – the Flint Michigan disaster

By Meteor Blades Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was alerted to Flint’s water-quality problems early on, but delayed taking action because he didn’t care about the damage to people’s health from lead poisoning. The story of malignant negligence in the Flint Michigan disaster keeps getting worse. In a review of 550 emails released by Michigan’s Republican Gov. […]

February 26th

Ted Cruz wants an EXTRA $155 billion for the Pentagon – what’s needed are cuts

By Meteor Blades Sen. Ted Cruz strutted out onto the deck of the U.S.S. Yorktown in South Carolina Monday to talk about giving our nation’s bloated war budget a big boost if he becomes president. As if spending more than the next 14 countries combined isn’t enough. Added to the strut was the bluster: “Starting next year our sailors won’t be on their knees […]

February 22nd

Bankrupt coal company gives fat bonuses to execs, kills worker pensions

By Meteor Blades Much is made of the “war on coal” in some circles, but the war on coal miners is mostly ignored. That war, of course, has been going on for more than a century in various forms. Company “gun-thugs” once battled unions with bullets, and company lawyers fought black lung legislation with pens and lobbying. Later, they did the same […]

February 16th

Climate change will affect us for 10,000 years. But it hasn’t had 10 minutes in the debates

By Meteor Blades I thought that maybe, just maybe, since we had climate change denier Kimberly Strassel of The Wall Street Journal on board as one of the Republican debate moderators tonight we might get a question on the subject for the candidates. But no. Still a non-issue. The greatest worldwide crisis since modern humans emigrated from Africa […]

February 13th

Obama’s clean power plan gets shelved by corporatists on the Supreme Court

By Meteor Blades Not good news. Reuters reports: The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday delivered a major blow to President Barack Obama by blocking federal regulations to curb carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, the centerpiece of his administration’s strategy to combat climate change. On a 5-4 vote, the court granted a request made by [29] states and […]

February 10th

If climate change hurts poor countries more, does that make it a win for us?

By Meteor Blades Joe Romm at Climate Progress points out that a new study rightly reiterates what we already know—that people in poorer, developing countries will suffer disproportionately from global warming even though they have contributed little or nothing to the crisis because they have historically been low-level emitters of greenhouse gases. But the study, commissioned by the University of […]

February 9th

Bernie Sanders’ progressive legacy just getting started

By Meteor Blades Despite the outcome in Iowa apparently giving Hillary Clinton a very slim lead, there is certainly no reason for us supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders to be disappointed. Tonight was a victory for him. Look where he started. Look how far he has come despite a few stumbles and fumbles. Look at his momentum going forward. And […]

February 2nd

Selzer Iowa caucus poll puts Clinton at 45%, Sanders at 42%

By Meteor Blades The much-awaited, much-touted Ann Selzer Poll​ for the Iowa Caucus was released today just a few minutes ago. Here are the headlines: Democratic Caucus Hillary Clinton: 45% Bernie Sanders: 42% Martin O’Malley:  3% Republican Caucus Donald Trump: 28% Ted Cruz: 23% Marco Rubio: 15% Ben Carson: 10% Rand Paul: 5% Chris Christie: 3% John […]

January 30th

GOP plan Bundy-style public land giveaway to oil, mining and ranching millionaires

By Meteor Blades Two Republican Utah congressmen have introduced a deceptive public lands initiative designed to open a million acres of public land to private interests while pretending to protect other lands under a bogus “wilderness” designation where weakened environmental regulations would make that label a very unfunny joke. For 40 years, extremists have been eager to take over […]

January 21st

Obama halts new federal coal leases (to avoid climate change)

By Meteor Blades Climate activists get to celebrate a victory in the war on coal Friday. Not the final victory by a long shot, but progress nonetheless. President Obama will announce that there will be no new coal leasing on public lands until the government completes an overhaul of the program. That could produce anything from simply mandating higher royalties for energy […]

January 17th

Any chance for a climate question or two at tonight’s debate? Or will it remain a f’n side issue?

By Meteor Blades I know some people believe it doesn’t make sense to ask Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or Martin O’Malley their views about climate change since everybody knows they aren’t deniers. And besides, a climate-change question was asked in the first Democratic debate in Las Vegas. Isn’t that enough? What is the point of asking […]

January 17th