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Nikki Haley shreds her credibility over Iran’s nuclear compliance

Nikki Haley, who didn’t have a lick of foreign policy experience before Pr*sident Donald Trump appointed her to be ambassador to the United Nations, delivered a speech on Iran’s compliance with the 2015 multinational nuclear agreement to the American Enterprise Institute Tuesday. It was quite the pile of manure. A compilation of lies that contradicted the latest report […]

September 7th

Hurricane Harvey: Climate denialism is killing people. Literally.

Mark Hertsgaard at The Nation writes—Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us: The tragedy of Hurricane Harvey starts with the suffering of innocents like Jordyn Grace, the 3-year-old who survived the flood by clinging to the body of her drowned mother, who had prayed with her last breaths. At least 60 people died in Texas because of the storm, over […]

September 7th

Sea level rise will sink Trump-backing VA island. Sen. Kaine wants to prevent that.

Jenna Portnoy at The Washington Post wrote an interesting piece about Tangier Island (Sinking into Chesepeake Bay due to sea level rise) and Sen. Tim Kaine, the Virginia Democrat. Despite the fact most islanders didn’t vote for Kaine when he ran for governor or senator, he’s determined to help them deal with their plight. Which means getting Congress to cough up […]

September 3rd

Hurricane Harvey: How Pruitt and Abbott helped burning Texas chemical plant break the rules

It’s one of those stories we know all too well. A company prone to spreading environmental hazards  – in this case, the global chemical giant Arkema – also spreads cash to politicians. It gets cited – and modestly fined – for violating protective rules it has fought to keep from being imposed. The piddly fines don’t […]

September 1st

Trump admin may be planning 90% cut to Bears Ears National Monument

Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke handed over his recommendations for changing national monuments to Pr*sident Donald Trump Thursday afternoon. The secretary announced that none of the 27 national monuments he reviewed would be rescinded, and only a “handful” would be reduced in acreage. This would allow mining and other activities prohibited by the national monument status. […]

August 25th

Bogus rewrite of electricity grid report contradicts its own findings about renewable energy

The Department of Energy has released its 187-page Staff Report to the Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability. Ordered by DOE Secretary Rick Perry in April, it’s quite the piece of work. Not that it doesn’t have a valuable array of good data. It’s replete with helpful information and charts. But Its major conclusions don’t sync with reality. […]

August 24th

Drain the Swamp – Trump finds ANOTHER worst candidate for a high post

Deputy Secretary of the Department of Labor is probably not a position 99.9 percent of Americans give any thought to. Indeed, not many can name Alex Acosta, the Department of Labor secretary who oversees this position. It is nevertheless an important job. Deputies and assistant secretaries initiate and supervise most of the work that federal departments and agencies accomplish. This particular deputy […]

August 23rd

How badly will Zinke screw up our National Monuments? Report is due Thursday

Thursday is the deadline for Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke’s review of 27 of America’s 129 national monuments with an eye to rescinding or shrinking them. He’s already announced, without details, that he will recommend one of those, Bears Ears in Utah, be cut back. By Meteor Blades  Update: Zinke has submitted his report to Trump! […]

August 23rd

Drain the Swamp: Swamp bites back, boots Bannon

Get some sleep, Steve. And take a bath. By Meteor Blades  Johnathan Easley at The Hill reports: President Trump’s former chief strategist Stephen Bannon returned to Breitbart News on Friday just hours after parting ways with the White House. Bannon has reclaimed the title of executive chairman for Breitbart and directed the outlet’s Friday editorial meeting, the website said in a […]

August 21st

Nuclear energy: Graham wants feds to pony up to revive failed SC reactors

 Nuclear power advocates want billions of tax dollars to resurrect failed SC reactor project By Meteor Blades  The two uncompleted reactors were part of what was meant to be a renaissance of U.S. nuclear power construction after a 30-year hiatus. Background: After blowing $10 billion, power companies give up on 2 more nuke plants Rather than individually […]

August 16th

Remove the Confederate statues shamefully displayed in our nation’s Capitol

Without justice, there can be no environmental justice. The year my mother moved the two of us from southwest Georgia—1956—was the same year the legislature there chose to unfurl a new state flag in defiance of the desegregation mandate of the Supreme Court’s unanimous Brown v. Board of Education ruling. The lawmakers chose the most prominent part […]

August 15th