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Piling pandemic on top of injustice: Elizabeth Warren calls attention to Native Americans under the coronavirus

Sen. Warren and Rep. Haaland co-author op-ed on federal response to COVID-19 on Native reservations: American Indians and Alaska Natives already suffer disproportionately from health conditions and environmental injustices that make them more susceptible to complications during a pandemic. The Navajo Nation had infection rates higher than any state. In New Mexico, American Indians make up 11% of the […]

May 30th

Another 2.1 million seek unemployment benefits. The Coronavirus Recession will stick it to millennials

The Department of Labor reported Thursday that yet another 2.1 million Americans, on a seasonally adjusted basis, applied for initial state unemployment benefits in the week that ended May 23. Counting these new applications makes for a total of 40.5 million workers who have filed for initial benefits over the past 10 weeks. Add in the millions of Americans who are receiving […]

May 29th

Trump won’t offer usual economic projections. Probably because it’s hard to brag about disaster

In a story they broke this morning, Jeff Stein and Josh Dawsey at The Washington Post report that the Trump regime has decided it will not deliver economic projections in the traditional “mid-session review” of the budget this summer. Budget experts the reporters interviewed said they didn’t know of any time in the past half century when an administration has […]

May 28th

Judge ridicules Interior Dept. document on taking back land from Mashpee Wampanoag tribe

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe that welcomed the pilgrims in 1620 has been fighting with the federal government over the removal of the tribe’s 321 acres of communal land from trust status. "One of the worst written documents I've ever read from any government agency": A federal judge trashed the Trump administration for changing course on […]

May 28th

Trump pulls out of yet another treaty (making war more likely)

Still bent on opting out of treaties and international programs that the United States initiated or in which it has been a key participant, Donald Trump plans to withdraw from the multilateral Treaty on Open Skies, according to senior White House officials. The treaty, which allows signatory nations to overfly each other for unarmed surveillance, was first proposed 65 years ago in […]

May 24th

Data: As another 2.4 million file new unemployment benefit claims, economists project years-long impacts

The Department of Labor reported Thursday that 2.38 million workers filed new claims for unemployment benefits in the week ending May 16. That brings the total count for the past nine weeks to a seasonally adjusted 38.3 million. Add to this the unprecedented 4.8 million that the government defines as having left the labor force in the past two months—but who say they want a job. […]

May 21st

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a budget hit on California’s climate mandates

Democratic Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed funding cuts to deal with what has been projected as a revenue deficit of $54 billion as a consequence of the economic response to the coronavirus. The state’s carbon cap-and-trade program pays for climate programs, which includes incentives for buying clean cars, electric buses, and off-road freight equipment, but as with […]

May 19th

Trump wants “Transparency” at EPA (While firing Inspector Generals at State, Defense and Intelligence for doing their jobs)

  As first reported by Meridith McGraw and Hahal Toosi at Politico, Donald Trump has purged yet another inspector general, State Department IG Steve Linick. Like those forced out before him, Linick is being dumped for performing his watchdog job, which was causing discomfort in the White House where loyalty is only surpassed by flattery for anyone who […]

May 18th

Eight-week Coronavirus unemployment total: 36.5 million (and that’s just those who can apply for benefits)

As expected, the Department of Labor Thursday announced another tsunami of new claims for unemployment insurance benefits, a seasonally adjusted 2.98 million of them in the week ending May 9. That is slightly less than the previous week’s tally. But since coronavirus-related layoffs began in the second week of March, 36.5 million people have made new benefit claims. By […]

May 14th

Fed Chair Powell says without more stimulus, economy won’t recover (but Trump and McConnell “Just Say NO”)

Economic analysts are forecasting that on Thursday we’ll see that another 2.7 million Americans filed new claims for unemployment insurance last week. If they’re right, it would mean 36.3 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the nine weeks ending May 9. Even if those millions were the only Americans to have lost jobs […]

May 13th

War on Science: Confronting Trump’s lies

Monday, before leaving his outdoor press conference at the White House in a huff because of a couple of  “nasty” women reporters doing their jobs, Donald J. Trump—flanked on both sides of the podium by signs claiming “America Leads the World in Testing”—said that “we have met the moment, and we have prevailed” on testing for the coronavirus. […]

May 12th

80,000 dead by the end of the weekend. That’s the toll from Trump’s deluge of Coronavirus lies

Calvin Woodward and Hope Yen at the Associated Press introduced their updated fact-check story of the squatter in the White House Saturday morning with these words:  “Truth can be a casualty when President Donald Trump talks about deaths from the coronavirus in the United States.” By Meteor Blades True enough, although they could have ended that […]

May 10th