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Marco Rubio – even worse than voodoo economics

By Meteor Blades Republican math never seems to add up. Well, that’s not quite true—it adds up plenty when we’re talking about the 1 percent and above. Marco Rubio’s tax and spending plans are a case in point. My colleague Kerry Eleveld poked a hole in one of Rubio’s proposals last week. The liberal think tank Citizens for Tax Justice also took […]

November 11th

Obama administration tightens Arctic drilling rules and Interior cancels two future leasing auctions

By Meteor Blades I have an aversion to “BREAKING,” but this really is. From a press release the Department of Interior has just issued: In light of current market conditions and low industry interest, the U.S. Department of the Interior today announced that it will cancel the two potential Arctic offshore lease sales scheduled under […]

October 16th

Hillary Clinton rejects Trans-Pacific Partnership – pander or principle?

By Meteor Blades Some liberals expressed happy surprise Wednesday with Hillary Clinton’s announced opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which could make approval of TPP more difficult in a Congress where the majority of Democrats and some Republicans can be expected to oppose the agreement: “If Hillary Clinton, who worked on the Trans-Pacific Partnership as secretary […]

October 9th

Hillary Clinton opposes Trans-Pacific Partnership based on what she knows about it

By Meteor Blades Hillary Clinton has announced that she is not in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership based on what she has learned about it. With that stance, she has become the third Democratic presidential candidate—after Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Gov. Martin O’Malley—to oppose the 12-nation trade agreement. Alice Ollstein reports: Speaking to PBS […]

October 7th

Ask flooded South Carolina how they’re adapting to climate change

By Meteor Blades Once-in-a-millennium South Carolina storm worsened by climate change. Although no single weather event can be blamed on climate change, the 2009 National Climate Assessment pointed out that by the mid-21st century, parts of the United States could experience two or more days of rainfall per year that exceed local records. That certainly […]

October 5th

Obama praises Trans-Pacific Partnership. Bernie Sanders calls it a disaster that he’ll work to defeat

By Meteor Blades In a major victory for President Obama, negotiators for the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership announced Monday that an agreement has been reached after eight years of talks. If approved by those nations, the agreement will lower trade barriers and commercial regulations for 40 percent of the world’s nations. While the president and other backers […]

October 5th