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EPA victory – SCOTUS won’t block mercury rules for coal power plants

By Meteor Blades Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of those challenging the Obama administration’s rule establishing its mercury and air toxics standard (MATS). The court majority decided in Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency that the EPA had failed to consider the costs of compliance before it finalized the rule. But the court did not throw out the […]

June 13th

Vote for Bernie today, tomorrow unite to defeat Trump

By Meteor Blades I voted for Bernie Sanders this morning in the California primary. Come November I will vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on the “political revolution.” On the contrary. That revolution is not the blood-in-the-streets kind that some stubborn anti-Sanders critics claim is the only kind there is, but rather a non-violent […]

June 7th

Failing coal CEOs rake in big bonuses as they screw workers

By Meteor Blades The advocacy group Public Citizen released a report Tuesday showing how top executives for three giant coal companies got large compensation boosts even as they laid off workers and cut their benefits. The three companies—Peabody Energy, Arch Coal, and Alpha Natural Resources—are all continuing their operations under Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. Over the past few years, […]

May 20th

Trump’s Supreme Court selections are pretty awful

By Meteor Blades Donnie Trump—who knows more about public debt, the Chinese, U.S. foreign policy and the Bible than economists, the Chinese, diplomats, and theologians—also surely knows more about the Supreme Court than the justices themselves. He also knows more about the Constitution than any constitutional scholar. He realizes that, at best, he might be able as president […]

May 19th

Arctic sea ice collapse is getting seriously scary

By Meteor Blades The data are provisional, but if they hold true—and there is good reason to believe they will—the summer melting of Arctic sea ice is very likely headed for a record year in 2016. For the past month, the National Snow and Ice Data Center hasn’t been updating itsnear-real time daily chart of sea ice observations because […]

May 9th

2016 Goldman Environmental Prize announced (under shadow of murder of 2015 recipient, Berta Cáceres)

By Meteor Blades The Goldman Environmental Foundation announced Monday the six recipients of its annual Goldman Environmental Prize, the largest eco-related prize in the world. The prize, established in 1989 by the late civic philanthropists Richard and Rhoda Goldman, is also known as the Green Nobel. Chosen to represent Earth’s different geographic zones, each prize recipient will receive $175,000, no strings attached. It’s not unusual […]

April 18th

Don’t expect Panama Papers prosecutions any time soon

By Meteor Blades An unnamed senior federal law enforcement official told NBC News Sunday that prosecutors and agents are “champing at the bit” to go after criminals by using the leaked Panama Papers that reveal tax evasion and money-laundering by highly prominent people in several nations. But it won’t be easy. There are legal barriers to simply sifting through those 11.5 […]

April 11th

TransCanada plugs leak in Keystone I pipeline and turns on the flow from the tar sands again

By Meteor Blades Calgary-based TransCanada Corp. found the leak in Keystone I pipeline late Friday, patched it and opened the valves Sunday. The leak was found nine days ago by a farmer (NOT by the pipeline company) near a pump station in Freeman, South Dakota, a rural area. Nearly 17,000 gallons—400 barrels—of oil had leaked before the pipeline was shut down […]

April 11th

DEA poised to end decades of stupid marijuana law

By Meteor Blades For more than four decades, the U.S. government has malignly and stupidly and outrageously labeled marijuana to be as dangerous as heroin, the drug that killed 11,000 people in 2015. As my colleague Jen Hayden noted Wednesday, this may be about to change: In a memo to lawmakers this week, the DEA [Drug […]

April 7th

Panama Papers fallout – from US to Iceland (bankster PM quits!)

By Meteor Blades The prime minister of Iceland resigned Tuesday as the weekend exposé of off-shore tax haven shenanigans from the Panama Papers claimed its first major casualty. The year-long investigation carried out by 370 journalists of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (a project of the Center for Public Integrity) was sparked by a massive document leak from the files of the Mossack Fonseca law firm. Their work […]

April 6th

Fossil fuel dinosaurs need to adapt to the new energy climate or go extinct

By Meteor Blades The three-year-old fossil-fuel divestment movement, initiated by Bill McKibben and other climate activists, has been fairly successful at getting institutions—foundations, municipalities, universities and pension funds—to divest fossil fuels from their stock portfolios. In fact, 509 divesters have shed fossil-fuel investments worth an estimated $3.4 trillion. The latest example is the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Although the […]

March 25th

Spotlight on green news – Murdering eco-activists; Rep. Cummings lambastes Gov. Snyder

By Meteor Blades OUTSTANDING GREEN STORIES  joedemocrat writes—Building An Environmental Movement That Almost Everyone Can Connect With: “I’ve wondered for a long time why the environmental movement hasn’t been more successful. While the majority of Americans accept climate science, polls indicate most people do not have a sense of urgency about it. The public rates climate […]

March 20th