Author: Meteor Blades

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FDA authorizes Coronavirus antibody test that could give us a better idea of the spread of the disease

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has authorized a test that determines whether someone has antibodies for the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. Results are available within 15 minutes. The tests, which require drawing blood, must be done in a certified lab, not a doctor’s office or a drive-through testing center. By Meteor Blades The body produces antibodies specific to […]

April 6th

Coronavirus fallout: Justice Dept. seeks emergency powers, including detaining people without trial indefinitely

Inevitable that the sycophants of the regime of a wannabe autocrat would seek to turn a crisis into an opportunity to exercise more unrestrained emergency powers over the citizenry. The Department of Justice, ever more a tool of Donald Trump under the supervision of loyalist Attorney General Bill Barr, a great believer in unitary executive theory, […]

March 24th

Trump’s coronavirus foot-dragging continues to imperil front-line health workers

Since before the pyramids were built, good generals have sent their soldiers into battle equipped with the best available arms and armor to take on the enemy and defend themselves. Our “wartime president,” as Donald J. Trump has now glibly titled himself, has nothing in common with good generals. In the past few days, social and other media have spread the word […]

March 20th

We have NO IDEA how bad the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic will be

Josh Bivens at the liberal-leaning Economic Policy Institute writes that, even with a moderate fiscal stimulus, the coronavirus pandemic could cost 3 million jobs by summer. That’s based on Goldman Sachs’ prediction of a 1.25% economic contraction for the first half of 2020. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported Tuesday afternoon that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has warned Republican senators the economic impacts could […]

March 19th

Along with lower emissions, offshore U.S. wind industry could create 83,000 more jobs by 2030

The American Wind Energy Association, the nation’s leading wind industry trade group, issued a report this week scrutinizing the health of the offshore wind industry and forecasting that the installed capacity of offshore turbine farms will grow as much as a thousandfold between now and 2030. At that level, the industry would generate $87 billion in investment over the decade, as […]

March 16th

Socialism for the rich: Why are we still GIVING AWAY mining rights on public land?

Nearly a century and a half ago, as part of Washington’s effort to encourage settlement in the West, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the General Mining Act of 1872. This granted individuals (and corporations) the right to stake exclusive claims to mineral resources like gold, copper, zinc, cinnabar, and “other valuable resources” on public land, which today […]

March 13th

Has your favorite candidate dropped out? Here’s a suggestion…

Primary season is a bit like Thunderdome: Ultimately, only one person emerges—a disappointment for every political activist and social media junkie whose favored candidate isn’t that person. Already there’s been plenty of disappointment this season. By Meteor Blades If you’ve enthusiastically worked in the past, paid or unpaid, for a losing candidate—presidential or otherwise—whose election you […]

March 9th

Gov’t reports economy created 273,000 new jobs in February. U3 steady at 3.5%; U6 rises to 7%

The government reported Friday that the economy generated 273,000 new seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs February, 228,000 in the private sector, 45,000 in the public sector. The headline unemployment rate—labeled U3 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics—remained unchanged at 3.5%. Another measure called U6 gauges not just unemployment but underemployment and discouraged workers, those who have looked for a job in the past […]

March 6th

War on Science: Trump’s new “transparency” rule isn’t just awful – it’s RETROACTIVELY awful

The Trump regime is working on a new rule—called Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science—that would make it much harder to enact rules curtailing pollution. The proposal would require scientists to disclose all raw data for studies used to back up new rules. That would make enacting new environmental rules—say, a regulation to tighten emissions—far more […]

March 5th