Author: Meteor Blades

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Congress unites to protect the oceans from plastic microbeads

By Meteor Blades It’s estimated that 808 trillion plastic microbeads are washed down U.S. drains every day. The vast majority are captured in the settled sludge of sewer treatment plants. But some 8 to 11 trillion of them still find their way into the aquatic environment daily. There, they collect deadly pollutants like PCBs and are eaten by fresh […]

December 24th

Ted Cruz’s three-hour hearing on climate change a pathetic waste of time except for denier shills

By Meteor Blades As reported at Daily Kos, Sen. Ted Cruz chaired a tendentious Senate subcommittee hearing Tuesday on climate change while negotiators in Paris work long hours to put together a worldwide agreement on controlling carbon dioxide emissions that are warming the planet. Anybody who has even cursorily followed the claims of climate-change charlatans wouldn’t have […]

December 9th

Bernie Sanders links terrorism to climate change. He’s right.

By Meteor Blades If Bernie Sanders can be criticized for his comments about terrorism at Saturday’s second Democratic presidential debate, it’s not because he linked terrorism to climate change. It was his opening statement with a few sentences about the attacks on Paris, which were crowded clumsily into a preface of his standard speech about economics. Even avid Sanders supporters […]

November 16th

Marco Rubio – even worse than voodoo economics

By Meteor Blades Republican math never seems to add up. Well, that’s not quite true—it adds up plenty when we’re talking about the 1 percent and above. Marco Rubio’s tax and spending plans are a case in point. My colleague Kerry Eleveld poked a hole in one of Rubio’s proposals last week. The liberal think tank Citizens for Tax Justice also took […]

November 11th

Obama administration tightens Arctic drilling rules and Interior cancels two future leasing auctions

By Meteor Blades I have an aversion to “BREAKING,” but this really is. From a press release the Department of Interior has just issued: In light of current market conditions and low industry interest, the U.S. Department of the Interior today announced that it will cancel the two potential Arctic offshore lease sales scheduled under […]

October 16th

Hillary Clinton rejects Trans-Pacific Partnership – pander or principle?

By Meteor Blades Some liberals expressed happy surprise Wednesday with Hillary Clinton’s announced opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which could make approval of TPP more difficult in a Congress where the majority of Democrats and some Republicans can be expected to oppose the agreement: “If Hillary Clinton, who worked on the Trans-Pacific Partnership as secretary […]

October 9th