Author: Michael Barnard

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Podcast: Will the coronavirus pandemic change the way we deal with climate change?

50 years of increasing science denial on the political right wing has reached a tipping point in the USA. Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in the country. Those deaths are hitting liberal areas now, but will switch to disproportionately impact red states in the coming months. By Michael Barnard Cleantechnica And that will have […]

March 30th

Electrify everything – One sure-fire way to reduce contagion in coronavirus and future plagues

The Coronavirus is upending many things in the world. Tourism is dead for now. Planes are traveling empty. Everyone who can is working from home. St. Patrick’s Day was canceled. Even the Coronavirus Conference was cancelled. We’re all being asked to practice ‘social distancing’, and the introverts among us are gloating about having trained for […]

March 18th

Cleantech includes UV Roombas to kill the coronavirus

Cleantech is usually focused on electric cars, batteries, clean electrical generation, and the like. But clean also has a more direct connotation for humans of being free from disease. Danish company UVD Robotics makes germ-, virus-, and mold-killing ultraviolet robots for hospitals. The product has been in existence for a while, but with the outbreak of the […]

March 16th

Is the GOP finally coming around on climate change?

For several months, I’ve been tracking the crumbling wall of denialism in the senior ranks of the Republican Party. The formal denial of climate change and refusal of climate action of the party is a global outlier, with every other country in the world signatory to the Paris Accord. Almost every other country has sidelined […]

January 18th

Carbon Engineering’s air-to-fuel fig leaf (a Cleantechnica case study)

(This article originally appeared on the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation website. It’s being reprinted here as CleanTechnica releases the case study on Carbon Engineering’s air-to-fuel and enhanced oil recovery technology). Promoted by numerous attention-grabbing headlines of late, the technology called air-carbon capture (ACC) is having a moment in the sun. But all the hype is encountering dark clouds of […]

October 29th

Elections: As Canada heads to the polls, climate progress is on the line

Canada is in a federal election cycle, one mostly ignored internationally in favor of the US Democratic primaries with their 20 candidates. However, it’s an important election for climate change. The Liberals, elected in 2015, brought in a national carbon tax along with a raft of climate positive measures (and some questionable but pragmatic actions). […]

August 22nd