Author: Michael Brune

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Building a new clean energy bridge to the future (solar and wind, not dirty gas)

According to Gizmodo reporter Brian Kahn, “The notion that natural gas is a bridge to a renewable future was first put in writing in 1979 by environmentalist Barry Commoner in his book The Politics of Energy. He called it a ‘bridge between the present, unsatisfactory reality and the still abstract, hoped-for future.’” By Michael Brune The Sierra Club […]

March 3rd

Trump’s border wall is the exact opposite of where our priorities should be (It’s the climate change, stupid!)

The Trump administration has undertaken a massive, unprecedented response to the climate crisis. In fact, they clearly see this enormous undertaking as their signature project  – the legacy this administration will leave the nation. I’m not talking about some tree-planting pledge or a sudden change of heart about windmills. Folks, I’m talking about Trump’s border […]

February 24th

Banks have put $1.9 TRILLION into fossil fuels since 2015. End the money pipeline!

In 2008, the big banks crashed the economy through reckless, predatory lending. Twelve years later, they’re working to do something even worse: crash the planet. With every dollar they invest in fossil fuel companies, big banks and asset managers make the climate crisis worse. And they’ve invested a lot of dollars. By Michael Brune Sierra Club Executive Director  […]

January 28th

On the Beach: Australian wildfires show we’re ALL just a few steps away from climate change disaster

Sixty years ago, the movie On the Beach portrayed Australia as a distant land where humanity’s last survivors perished after a global apocalypse. I can’t be the only one who thought of that when 4,000 desperate people fled to a beach in southeastern Australia to escape horrific wildfires caused by extreme drought and heat and exacerbated by […]

January 15th

Sierra Club says it’s time to impeach Trump

Today, I’m writing with a message no executive director of the Sierra Club has ever sent: That this organization supports the impeachment and removal of our sitting president. By Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director    It’s unprecedented, but so many things about this presidency have been: from Trump’s astonishing willingness to shred the protections […]

December 16th

Climate Change: Midwest is lost in the flood

No one can say that the floods which inundated Nebraska, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Iowa after a hurricane-strength “bomb cyclone” were directly caused by climate change. At the same time, it would be grossly irresponsible to dismiss the role that climate change may have played in the disaster. Warmer temperatures allow the air to hold […]

April 3rd