Author: Michael Mann

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Dr Michael Mann: Don’t give in to the purveyors of despair. COP26 was a beginning, not an end

“Glasgow delivers hope at a crucial moment in the climate battle” | My new op-ed with Susan Hassol in the LATimes. By Dr Michael Mann Excerpt: For those looking for reasons to be cynical about the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland — COP26 — there seemed to be more than ample cause early […]

November 14th

Dr Michael Mann: COP26 gets underway

Since folks have asked, no I won’t be going to Glasgow for COP26. I’ll be doing interviews & events and reporting on what transpires from the home front. By Prof Michael Mann Part of the reason why some people are concerned at this point is that there is something called an implementation gap… World leaders […]

November 2nd

Michael Mann: You should be concerned about climate change but big oil should be terrified

“July was a Frankenstein month created by the fossil fuel industry” | My latest op-ed for @TheHill By Michael Mann @MichaelEMann, 19/8:UN climate report: impacts are now “widespread and severe”. "If anything, that’s an understatement. As I explained in one recent interview, “we have zero years left to avoid dangerous climate change, because it's here.” […]

August 19th

Dr Michael Mann on the IPCC report: We have ZERO years left to avoid climate change, it’s here

A short post on the just-published #IPCC #AR6 scientific working group (#WG1) report. By Dr Michael Mann Three key takeaways: 1. The Hockey Stick grows longer, blade grows sharper. Recent warmth may be unprecedented in at least 100,000 years. 2. Impacts of climate change are now “widespread and pervasive”. Climate change is NOW causing amplified […]

August 9th

Michael Mann: Dont misunderstand the new WMO climate report

The World Meteorological Organization (“WMO”) has put out their latest “Global Annual to Decadal Climate Update”. By Dr Michael Mann Among their main predictions are: • Annual mean global (land and sea) mean near-surface temperature is likely to be at least 1°C warmer than pre-industrial levels in each of the coming 5 years • The chance of at […]

June 8th

Michael Mann: Why isnt big tech stepping up on climate action

My latest commentary for Newsweek, co-authored with Bill Weihl, former head of sustainability at Google & Facebook, and founder of ClimateVoice. By Michael Mann  Here’s an excerpt: Tech’s ‘Inactivism’ on Climate Policy is a Big Problem The battle for bold climate policy will not be an easy fight. This was clearly evident from the political pushback that […]

April 8th

Correction delayed is correction denied – botched coverage of the geoengineering report by the New York Times

The letter below was submitted to the New York Times on 3/26 in response to their 3/25 article on the recent National Academy of Sciences “Solar Geoengineering” report (I commented on the report here last week). The Times has evidently declined to run the letter, so I am publishing it myself here. The article in question originally ran with the highly […]

April 5th

Michael Mann: The rise and fall of “The Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation”

Two decades ago, in an interview with science journalist Richard Kerr for the journal Science, I coined the term the “Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation” (the “AMO” for short) to describe an internal oscillation in the climate system resulting from interactions between North Atlantic ocean currents and wind patterns. These interactions were thought to lead to alternating decades-long intervals of […]

March 30th

Dr Michael Mann: The moral hazard of geoengineering (there is NO cheap way out)

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has published a new report (“Reflecting Sunlight“) on the topic of Geoengineering (that is, the deliberate manipulation of the global Earth environment in an effort to offset the effects of human carbon pollution-caused climate change). By Michael Mann While I am, in full disclosure, a member of the Academy, I offer the […]

March 29th

Dr Micheal Mann: Cautiously optimistic that Biden’s bold climate plan could pass the Senate

The sobering reality is that even if every country meets their commitments under Paris, and many, including the US and EU are currently falling short, that gets us less than half way to where we need to be. That is, on a path to limiting warming below 2C, let alone the more stringent 1.5C many […]

November 16th

Dr Michael Mann: Now we can make meaningful progress on climate change

Congratulations to President Elect Joe Biden! And congratulations to US for having used the power of our vote to create an opportunity for meaningful progress on climate going forward. Joe Biden has vowed to recommit America to the Paris accord on the first day of his presidency as part of a platform that includes an […]

November 8th

Dr Michael Mann: “This is a make-or-break election for the climate”

(Our regular contributor Dr. Michael Mann had a column up at Newsweek on the GOP’s willful blocking of meaningful action on the climate crisis, which makes Election 2020 a critical turning point. We’re excerpting a few paragraphs below) By Dr Michael Mann The willful ignorance of the climate crisis exhibited by one of our two […]

November 2nd

Michael Mann: It’s time for America to reassert climate leadership. It starts with voting

(For a generation, Dr. Michael Mann has been a leading voice for climate change action, policy based on sound science, and getting out and voting to support those two causes. Here’s an excerpt from his contribution to The Guardian’s series 100 Climate Countdown.) By Michael Mann It’s time for America to reassert climate leadership. It […]

August 4th

War on Science: Small town conservative newspaper pushes coronavirus, climate change denial

The Salem News is small town newspaper based in Salem Ohio. It appears to have far right-of-center editorial policies. Over the past few days, even as the county it represents recorded its 30th COVID19 death, it has published multiple letters and commentaries dismissing the seriousness of the crisis and attacking the social-distancing policies that public health officials have insisted are necessary.  During […]

May 7th

The Current & Coming Climate Crisis — Podcast with Michael Mann

In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc. and CleanTechnica contributor, sits down to talk with Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science and the Director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, about the immediacy and importance of addressing climate change. You can listen […]

March 31st