Author: Michael Mann

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The 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season set to break records: University of Pennsylvania Forecast

University of Pennsylvania EES scientists Dr. Michael E. Mann and Shannon Christiansen, and Penn State ESSC alumnus Dr. Michael Kozar have released their seasonal prediction for the 2024 North Atlantic hurricane season, which officially starts on 1 June and runs through 30 November. The prediction is for 33.1 +/- 5.8 total named tropical cyclones, which corresponds to a range […]

April 24th

Hurricane Ian: Tampa Bay is a sitting duck for climate-boosted hurricanes

I’m worried about worst case scenario with Hurricane Ian. Tampa has long been a sitting duck for catastrophic storm surge and has dodged several bullets. We might not be so lucky this time. By Dr Michael Mann Satellite images show 'apocalyptic' Hurricane Ian approaching Florida — New York Post (@nypost) September 28, 2022 […]

September 28th

Dr Michael Mann talks with Amy Goodman about this week’s climate-fueled storms in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Japan

My interview on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman – always a pleasure! By Dr Michael Mann Climate scientist @MichaelEMann describes how worsening storms like this weekend's typhoon in Japan are directly influenced by rising global temperatures. — Democracy Now! (@democracynow) September 19, 2022 One point I meant to make in the interview (but didn’t […]

September 20th

Dr Michael Mann: Climate change is causing irreversible declines in freshwater storage

“Climate change threatens terrestrial water storage over the Tibetan Plateau” Our new article in @NatureClimate Change, led by Chinese colleagues Xueying Li & @DiLong5. We’ve updated some of the wording in the press release to more accuracy convey the specific findings of the study. By Dr Michael Mann Irreversible declines in freshwater storage projected in parts […]

August 16th

Dr Michael Mann: Climate change isn’t a cliff edge, it’s a minefield. We’re walking deeper and deeper in.

“NPR’s A Martinez talks to Michael Mann, professor of atmospheric science at Penn State, about record-high temperatures across the U.S., which climate scientists say is attributable to climate change.” By Michael Mann Heard on Morning Edition MARTINEZ: … And is there anything different this year or maybe even last year than, say, maybe 10 years ago? […]

August 7th

MPR’s ClimateCast: ‘The most progress we will have made — ever’: Climate scientists heartened by Senate climate deal”

I talked with Paul Huttner (@MPRweather) about the Senate climate deal and prospects for meaningful climate action on the NPR ClimateCast By Michael Mann “Right now, we sort of have a backwards incentive structure, where we’re providing subsidies — direct and indirect — to fossil fuels, and not providing similar support for renewable energy,” said […]

August 6th

A fossil-fuel funded astroturf group is targeting progressives to block the Inflation Reduction Act climate bill

Polluters tried to kill climate legislation via wedge between conservative Dems (i.e. Manchin/Sinema) & rest of the caucus. That failed. So they’re now trying to create a wedge within progressive wing of Dem caucus. Straight out of my book, The New Climate War. By Dr Michael Mann Polluters tried to kill climate legislation via wedge […]

August 5th

Dr Michael Mann: Climate change is causing our current rash of heatwaves. We need to vote out politicians who block climate action!

“ Global climate crisis hits home in the U.S. amid record heat and pervasive wildfires” — I discussed with Geoff Bennett last night on the PBS NewsHour. By Dr Michael Mann Some excerpts: “There are some aspects to climate change that are playing out faster and with greater magnitude than we predicted a decade or […]

July 25th