Author: Michael Mann

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Correction delayed is correction denied – botched coverage of the geoengineering report by the New York Times

The letter below was submitted to the New York Times on 3/26 in response to their 3/25 article on the recent National Academy of Sciences “Solar Geoengineering” report (I commented on the report here last week). The Times has evidently declined to run the letter, so I am publishing it myself here. The article in question originally ran with the highly […]

April 5th

Michael Mann: The rise and fall of “The Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation”

Two decades ago, in an interview with science journalist Richard Kerr for the journal Science, I coined the term the “Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation” (the “AMO” for short) to describe an internal oscillation in the climate system resulting from interactions between North Atlantic ocean currents and wind patterns. These interactions were thought to lead to alternating decades-long intervals of […]

March 30th

Dr Michael Mann: The moral hazard of geoengineering (there is NO cheap way out)

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has published a new report (“Reflecting Sunlight“) on the topic of Geoengineering (that is, the deliberate manipulation of the global Earth environment in an effort to offset the effects of human carbon pollution-caused climate change). By Michael Mann While I am, in full disclosure, a member of the Academy, I offer the […]

March 29th

Michael Mann: It’s time for America to reassert climate leadership. It starts with voting

(For a generation, Dr. Michael Mann has been a leading voice for climate change action, policy based on sound science, and getting out and voting to support those two causes. Here’s an excerpt from his contribution to The Guardian’s series 100 Climate Countdown.) By Michael Mann It’s time for America to reassert climate leadership. It […]

August 4th

War on Science: Small town conservative newspaper pushes coronavirus, climate change denial

The Salem News is small town newspaper based in Salem Ohio. It appears to have far right-of-center editorial policies. Over the past few days, even as the county it represents recorded its 30th COVID19 death, it has published multiple letters and commentaries dismissing the seriousness of the crisis and attacking the social-distancing policies that public health officials have insisted are necessary.  During […]

May 7th

The Current & Coming Climate Crisis — Podcast with Michael Mann

In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc. and CleanTechnica contributor, sits down to talk with Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science and the Director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, about the immediacy and importance of addressing climate change. You can listen […]

March 31st

Michael Mann: Just how bad would climate change be if we kept up “business as usual”?

A new commentary in the journal Nature by Zeke Hausfather and Glen Peters is making the rounds. The commentary is similar in content and outlook to a previous piece written by Hausfather on the website of the “Breakthrough Institute” a month ago, arguing that “business as usual” burning of fossil fuels will likely only lead to 3C warming, rather than […]

February 5th

Vice: A film commentary on the politics of climate denial

I was recently invited to a screening of the new film Vice. I will confess that I was positively predisposed toward liking the film. I’m a big fan of screenwriter/director Adam McKay, whom I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with on occasion. His film The Big Short was an engaging and powerful expose on the financial corruption behind the U.S mortgage […]

January 14th

Michael Mann: Vote for climate leadership in Congress (by voting out GOP climate change deniers)

We need new leadership! Adding carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere warms the surface of our planet.  That’s scientific fact, affirmed by every major scientific body in the U.S. and around the world that has weighed in on the matter. By Michael Mann We have been conducting an unprecedented, uncontrolled experiment with the […]

October 12th