Author: Reenita Malhotra

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Watch This Video: Which President Will Plant a Food Garden in the White House?

This video calls for the President to lead by example on climate change by planting a food garden in the White House. Says Roger Doiron, the creator,

“This video was made to support the “Eat the View” campaign, a citizen-powered effort to petition the next President to show leadership on global issues such as climate change and food security by converting part of the White House’s 18 acre grounds back into an edible landscape. It made sense in the past for the “First Family” to eat foods grown close to home and – given the climate challenge – it makes sense again. It features me, Roger Doiron, digging a new organic garden on my white house lawn with an invitation to the next President to do the same.

October 23rd

Palin’s Appearance on SNL – Did It Help Or Hurt?

Palin’s appearance on the popular sketch comedy show brought it to its highest rating in fourteen years, Reuters. The figures make it the highest-rated SNL since March 12, 1994. Although Nielsen Media Research won’t have a complete count of the show’s audience until later in the week, it will likely be around 14 million people — and 17 million for the first half hour, with the opening skit featuring Palin’s cameo.

October 19th

Obama Vs. McCain: Who Will Better Serve the U.S. Economy?

After another tumultuous day in the market with the worst one-day percentage declines since the crash of 1987, addressing the state of the U.S. Economy was supposed to be foremost for both candidates in an effort to win the votes of undecided and independent voters. Advisers for each candidate said that he would use the final debate to lay out his vision for the country and promote his economic policies while drawing differences with his opponent.

October 15th

McCain vs. Obama: How Do The Candidates Stack Up On Energy?

Obama and McCain agree on the goals of energy and climate policy. Both candidates acknowledge global warming is man-made and advocate a mandatory cap-and-trade policy in the United States for dealing with carbon emissions — something the Bush administration opposes. They’re also largely in agreement over reducing oil consumption and investing in new energy technologies.

October 14th

$700 Billion Bailout Includes Tax Credits For Renewable Energy Industries

Given the hue and cry that has been unleashed in America with regard to the bailout, there is finally good news for the renewable energy industry. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, passed by the House of Representatives and signed into law by President George Bush immediately afterwards, extends investment and production tax credits for the wind and solar industries. The extensions will be partly paid for by a change in the tax code for the oil and gas industry.

October 4th

Vice-Presidential Debate: Palin vs. Biden On Global Warming

In the Vice Presidential debate earlier this evening, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden each had a strong point of view on global warming. Gwen Ifill, the moderator, specifically questioned Palin about her views on carbon emissions and Biden about his view on clean coal technology. What do you think? Will a McCain-Palin or a Obama-Biden government really make a difference when it comes to global warming?

October 2nd